Four Seasons RV Park

Since we had a few days left before our reservation at Traverse City State Park we decided to head over to Four Seasons RV Park rather than go home. The place has been neglected in recent years so we have not visited it for a while. We thought we’d give it another try. Plus we were really looking forward to soaking in the hot tub.

no powerWhen we arrived we found no one in the office. I wandered around a bit and started looking at electrical posts to find a 50 amp connection. That’s when I heard someone shout “that won’t work!” I asked what he was referring to and he said that the power is off. Apparently, the whole campground had lost power the night before. I was told that the power company was sending a truck over to check it out.

I went over to talk to another couple who were about to set up camp next to us. I explained about the power outage. We then noticed a power company truck had entered the park. That is when they announced that they too worked for the same power company. She was a dispatcher and he was a lineman. They said they would go over and get the inside scoop.

A few minutes later the couple returned and proceeded to pack up their stuff. I knew that was not a good sign. They had discovered that the problem was not with the line coming into the RV park but an internal problem. I knew with this being Sunday that the power would be out for a while.

Obviously, no hot tub tonight 🙁

Power Problems

I later spoke with Brian Patrick who is the new owner of the Four Seasons RV Park. He said he was working diligently trying to get the power restored. He said the park was scheduled to be at 100% capacity this weekend for the holiday. It was vital for the electrical to be restored or his business would suffer a great loss. I felt sorry for him. Here was finally a guy running the place that really cared about it and didn’t follow in the footsteps of his predecessors who were, in my opinion, nothing more than slum lords.

So off to pick up my trusty Honda Generator.

The power was restored a day or so later. We did get a chance to enjoy the hot tub that we were so anxiously awaiting.

I want to wish Brian all the best for his efforts. I am cheering for him to turn this place around and make it the place it once was.

Inside next to the pool are 3 dolphins that are part of a fountain arrangement that sprays water from each of their beaks into the pool. Year by year, my wife and I have watched as one-by-one each of the dolphins would fail to work. First one, then two and now all three have become dormant. It would be fantastic to see all of them once again come to life as they did back in the glory days of the RV park.


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