Four Seasons RV Park

The Four Seasons RV Park in Midland, Michigan has lots of rules and hidden costs. I can’t recall seeing this many extra fees anywhere before. These owners clearly want to nickel-and-dime you for everything they can think of. He is a list of the rules and fees printed on the paperwork they give you when you check-in.

  • Early check-in fee $10
  • Late check-out fee $5
  • Late check-out after 1pm fee $10
  • Trash left on-site fee $10
  • Firepit clean-up fee $10
  • Firewood bundles cost $7
  • Outside firewood brought into park fee $15
  • Use of non-polypropylene mats $75 plus cost of grass seed (I really liked this one in particular)
  • Golf Cart fee $10
  • Pet waste cleanup fee $20
  • There are absolutely no refunds
  • All deposits are nonrefundable
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