Fort Wilkins State Park

We were passing through Houghton, Michigan on our way to our next campground when all of the sudden I spotted a McDonalds! I was never so excited to see a Mickey-D’s in my life. It meant that civilization was just around the corner.

Just prior to arriving in Copper Harbor, Michigan the road becomes winding and narrow. I am sure the larger rigs than ours would have a lot of fun on this part of the road.


We stayed at the Fort Wilkins Historic State Park, so named for the fort that is located there. The campground has 2 sections; a modern and a rustic section. Adjoining the rustic side are several newer pull-through sites. Fort Wilkins is sandwiched between the two sections and is open for the public to enjoy. It offers plenty of history. The entire park lies between Lake Superior and Lake Fanny Hooe.


The park offers WiFi which is very uncommon for a state park. We were told this is to try and ease the pain of not having any cell phone coverage in the area. In order to get cell coverage you must drive up Brockway Mountain. The climb to the top is along a twisted road that hugs the side of the mountain with a sharp drop-off on the other edge of the pavement. Once you arrive at the top you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sun setting on Lake Superior in the evening.


The next day we took a scenic drive down highway M-26. This allows for a breathtaking view of the Lake Superior shoreline with its jagged rock formations and its sandy beaches. We saw several small waterfalls along the trip. Just outside of Eagle Harbor is a place called the “Jampot”.  This is where Monks from the Society of St. John sell their homemade jams, jellies, breads, brownies, plus giant cookies and muffins.

On the way back to the campground we headed out to see the Estivant Pines, a stand of virgin white pines. We also found an old copper mine. This area is a haven for bicyclers and snowmobilers alike for there are plenty of trails to explore.

As the sign says: This is the end of the road!

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