Clear Lake State Park

It’s hard to believe that this is our 4th annual Fourth of July Camping trip. Once again friends and family gathered around the campfire on a site up at Clear Lake State Park to share good times and great food.

We met some new friends this year, Chuck and Rande , who were the Host Campers at the park. I want to express how nice it was to chat with this couple. They were two of the most friendly and helpful hosts that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They were always willing to lend a hand to someone trying to back into a site, give advice when needed or simply provide some darn good coffee to us morning-eyed campers. It was truly nice to have them in the park.

We spent some time out on the lake. Here is a photo of our friend Gary and his dog Oskar, going out for a cruise around the lake. I got to borrow a kayak from Gary’s sister Jo and also went for a tour of the lake. You won’t see a photo of me since I didn’t have a cute little life jacket to wear like Oskar did.


We also spend some time exploring the woods this year. My wife and I discovered two of the most amazing creatures. We found this Eagle’s nest along side a trail near a swamp.


Later, we ran across this young Elk calf hiding from us in the middle of a field.


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One comment on “Clear Lake State Park
  1. Mitzi Ayotte says:

    My name is Mitzi and I am the daughter to Chuck & Rande (Camp host at Clear Lakes). I just wanted to let you know that my parents were also impressed by you. My dad told me several times about your website and to make sure I checked it out because he could not believe that someone was going to do a little write up about them. They were very excited about doing the camp host and have met many wonderful people, like yourselves this summer. Take care & I look forward to returning to your website.

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