Churchgrove Park

This park has quickly become one of our favorite places to stay in Michigan. It is one of the few campgrounds that we will return to more than once in the camping season.

Churchgrove Park Churchgrove Park

On the food scene, we ate at our favorite spots again. We went to DaVinci’s Pizza and had a couple of fantastic meals. I had the Veal Parmesan and Terri had the Shrimp Fettuccini. Both were superb!

daVinci's Italian RestaurantWe also ate at Tiffany’s. Actually, we went there a couple of times. We REALLY love this place. While enjoying a remarkable dinner, we met Janis & Steve Papiro who were visiting the area from Califonia.

On Sunday our entire family gathered at the Bavarian Inn for a wonderful meal. This is the second year we have done this and it has now become a nice tradition.

Eldon, our fabulous campground caretaker celebrated his 80th birthday during our stay at Churchgrove Park. 7 AM in the morning on his birthday, Terri ran to the store to get him a card. First, she tried Riteaid, it was closed. Next, she tried CVS, it was also closed. Finally, she went to Kroger. The sign said it was closed, yet the door was open. She ran inside, picked out a card, and used the self-checkout to buy it. Good work dear.

One evening we discovered that we were no longer alone in the park. A guy had pulled into the park and set up camp in his car. Because all of the outlets on the campsites are 30 amp he resorted to running his standard 20 amp extension cord from out of the restroom. The next day after being gone for most of the day, I returned to find the guy had moved into a new spot. He had moved several picnic tables out from under the pavilion and managed to park his vehicle inside the building. I found out later that he didn’t like the noise of water hitting his car rooftop when it rained.

visitor visitor

Over the weekend we had our grandkids over for a visit. My brother and sister-in-law also had their grandchildren stay with them next to us. Arleigh, our oldest granddaughter, was quite excited to discover that she had cousins she had never met. Later we took the kids over to Grandpa Tiny’s Farm to see the farm animals.

Cousins Grandpa Tiny's Farm





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