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Churchgrove Churchgrove

Labor Day finds us heading back to Churchgrove Park to grab a camping spot for the Auto Fest.  The Frankenmuth Auto Fest is one of the largest car shows in Michigan and we have never experienced it. Knowing the crowds would be huge, we decided to get back early in the week to make sure we could get a campsite. Glad we did, the campground was packed by the time the weekend rolled around. In fact, there were people setting up camp everywhere. Hookups or not, if there was a spot to camp, it was occupied.

The Frankenmuth Auto Fest was HUGE! The entire town was packed with people. The car show was everything that I had heard it was and then some.

Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2016 Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2016 Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2016 Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2016

The following weekend was the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest. If you enjoy beer then this party is for you!

Octoberfest Octoberfest cheers

I think this little guy was trying to sell my wife car insurance when she slammed the door on him…..LOLlizzard




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