Chevy Vent Noise

I very rarely write about non-RV related items, but this little item really deserves my attention. Ever since we purchased our Chevy Silverado Pickup back in 2005 we have had a problem with wind noise coming from the rear vent windows in the cab. These windows are hinged in and out by a small lever. This lever binds together to shut the windows. The wind noise can be reduced by playing with the lever ever so slightly, but the noise always returns.

I have had the truck into the dealership and actually had both entire windows replaced only to have the noise eventually return. I have actually heard of people with this same problem going as far as to caulk the window shut. The wind noise can be THAT annoying. Not wanting to go to the length of caulking it shut I did some research and came across this little gem. It is a replacement lever produced to the specifications that the original one should have been created causing the window to shut just a little bit tighter. The Vent Window Latch can be purchased on eBay by a user called mkos58.

I am not sure why I have to pay someone else to correct a problem created by a manufacturing error. The manufacturer should have taken responsibility for the repair a long time ago. As far as I know the part ordered from the manufacturer is still produced with an incorrect tolerance thus allowing the wind noise to be a continuing problem. I also believe that it still only comes with the entire window as well. I am certainly glad that someone with the ingenuity and resources has stepped up to the plate to come to our rescue.

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