Showboat Park Campground

Showboat Park Campground is a nice park, too bad they don’t want anyone to camp here!

The bathhouse is clean and well cared for. The lawns are mowed every day. The trash cans are emptied every day. The sites are large and level. There are plenty of shade trees. There are pavilions, picnic tables, fire pits, grills, a Disk Golf course, Baseball diamonds, and a canoe launch for the Shiawassee River.

The place really has a lot to offer.

Showboat Park Campground Showboat Park Campground Showboat Park Campground

Showboat Park Campground Showboat Park Campground Showboat Park Campground

Here is the reason I get the impression they don’t want people to stay here.

When we arrived we had an empty fresh water tank and full black & gray water tanks. So a stop at the dump station was necessary. That is when I discovered the dump pit was locked. On top of this, the freshwater here stunk something horrible.

After several inquiries, I found someone in the park that knew the code to unlock the pit. I then found a site and we set up camp.

All was going well until a few days later after doing some shopping in town, we return to the RV to find this note attached to our door.

Ron Ebenhoeh

We called him to find out what he wanted. Ron told us that the Town of Chesaning is having a fireworks display tonight (although we are still a week away from the actual 4th of July). He goes on to say the fireworks are to be right here in the park so we will need to pack up a leave, IMMEDIATELY. We are told that it is unsafe for us to be at the campground during the festival. Ron also said that right after the fireworks we can return.

If we hadn’t had a family gathering scheduled here at the campground, we would have high-tailed it right out of this place. No second thoughts, even though we were paid to stay through the rest of the week.

So we moved the rig right outside of the campground gate and waited with all of the other spectators for the fireworks to come and go.

Chesaning Fireworks Chesaning Fireworks

Following the fireworks, since I had already moved the RV once, I decided to go up to the pit and dump the tanks again. I just had to wait an hour or two for all the local townspeople to leave this little park. Once I made my way back to the dump station guess what I found? You got it, IT WAS LOCKED AGAIN!

Sometime thereafter in the wee hours of the early morning, the trailer was set back up and we were ready to return to our camping adventure.

Ya wonder why we are the only ones here? 🙁

empty park


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