Can You Come Outside to Play?

Ever notice how the larger the size of the RV, the more time the owners tend to spend inside?  Large Class-A Motor-homes and Buses will provide its occupants with every imaginable amenity available. Not only do you have a big fat easy chair to kick back in while you enjoy the game on your huge flat screen TV, but if you get frustrated with the score you can always switch over to satellite and watch a movie on HBO or pop in a Blu-ray movie. Maybe you are in the mood for a video game or need to catch up with your friends on Facebook.

If you get hungry you could pop a frozen pizza in the oven or heat up a snack in the microwave to go with the beer you pulled out of your side-by-side refrigerator. If this all wears you out, you can stand beneath the massaging head in your shower for awhile before curling up in front of the fireplace on the sofa in your footy pajamas.

On the other hand if you are in a tent you can always take a lukewarm shower from the bag of water that you conveniently hung in the tree earlier, after you get tired of cooking your dinner on a stick over the campfire. Then you can wiggle across the floor of your tent trying to find that sweet spot to sleep that isn’t too hard or too unlevel to nod off for more than 15 minutes or so at a time.

If it sounds as if I am being prejudice, I’m not. Although I have never owned the large Coach type RV, I have personally been that guy in the tent. I just know from observations and experience that people in tents and smaller RVs spend most of their time outdoors. I realize that this may be due to necessity, but it could also be by choice as well. When you have everything you need indoors, then why go outdoors?

The point to all of this is when picking out a campsite you may want to take these things into consideration. There are always the exceptions, but it has been our experience that this camper size classification tends to provide you with some idea of how much outside activity you will experience around you while you are camping.

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