Burt Lake State Park

Once again, it is time to gather for our annual 4th of July potluck. This year we are at Burt Lake State Park. We were here last year for the Labor Day weekend and fell in love with this place. It is centrally located in a great part of Michigan which allows us to easily get to Petoskey, the Pigeon River Country State Forest area, the Straits area and Mackinac Island.

This state park is really nice and the site we chose is awesome. There are some great places to eat nearby. The weather has also been terrific. I really can’t think of anything bad about this place.

Yesterday, my Mom, Dad, Terri and I all took a trip to Mackinac Island. It has been many, many years since my parents had been to the island. They were both pretty excited to go.

If fact with all the excitement, I neglected to take a single photo to capture the moment. I am really disappointed in myself. So below, I created a rendition of what the photo would have looked like (if I would have remembered to take one) of us all going to the island.


Mackinac Island Trip

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