Bug Smacker is Homeward Bound

Today is the day we brought our NEW Bug Smacker home. We purchased it from Hamilton’s RV in Saginaw, Michigan. The people here are terrific. They treat you like part of the family. But, the real reason we chose to purchase our new RV here was their service department. We have been in and out of our fair share of service centers and Hamilton’s service surpasses each and every one of them. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, they simply do it right. This is the main reason I was so pleased to do business with Hamilton’s RV.

After I unhooked our old RV, I backed up under the hitch of the new one. As I lowered the landing gear I noticed that the truck began to squat a bit, then the feet on the landing gear started to rise up. I glanced back at the truck to see how much the rear end had went down. After all, our last RV purchase led us into a new truck purchase the same week. The weight had been too much for it. I then realized that everything was OK.

I pulled our new RV down the road and onto the expressway. The weight of the new trailer is well within our towing capacity, but you could tell that I was dealing with some additional pounds. There was a slight head wind as I approached the bridge. The truck downshifted as it chugged over the river. I am impressed. The truck is holding its ground, but our Big Red Truck doesn’t seem so big anymore.

Next stop was the furniture store. Last week we purchased a couple of new recliners for the RV. Now I would get to see if they were going to fit. One by one I set the new chairs up in the living room. I then brought in each of the slides to see if I still had clearance. Great, they worked. Even better they felt fantastic to sit in.

Now I headed over to Sam’s Club where I purchased two CG2, 6 volt, golf cart batteries. My first project when I get home will be to convert the boxes that came with the trailer over to something that will contain these new batteries.

Finally I backed the Bug Smacker into the driveway. Home at last!

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