Book Your Campsites Early

The best time to book a campsite is in the off season when most people are not thinking of camping yet. Getting a head start on the season when choosing your campsite will allow you a greater selection. More and more campsites are getting booked earlier and earlier. This makes getting your perfect site even more difficult.

A lot of campgrounds will allow you to book up to a year in advance. Some will allow you to schedule even longer. Sites that don’t take reservations are on a first come basis. In this case it may help to extend your trip ahead by a day or two to get a jump on the crowd.

Seasonal campgrounds that have on-line reservation systems have an advantage over traditional ones, in that you can reserve a site when they are not open. Getting that perfect site is like bidding on eBay. The moment the site becomes available people start scattering to grab it. Keep in mind that parks that specify that they are full on-line, sometimes have sites available for drive-ups. By calling ahead you may find spots that you thought were not available.

These days, with the popularity of camping, good campsites seem to go very quickly. So remember whenever you can, book your campsite as early as possible.

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