Black River

We are doing a bit of camping out in the wilderness this weekend. We are alongside the Black River in northern Michigan.  We only have a couple of days to spend here this year. We have promised our 2 boys that we would take them to the Zoo on Labor Day.

This is one of our very favorite places in the world. This year it was not as tranquil as years past, due to the invasion of ATVs. These machines have done to our forest what Jet Skis have done to our lakes. They turn a quiet, peaceful setting into a four ring circus. I have nothing personally against these machines. My family and I have been on ATVs and enjoy them just as much as anyone else. It is just the fact that some people think they are the only people around and neglect to respect the existence of others in the area.

We happened to be the victims of just this type of invasion. These characters would whip around our campsite kicking up dust just like Indians circling a wagon train. But unlike the horses used by the Indians, these horses made a real racket. We soon realized that it was a good thing that our trip was a short one this year. I guess just because this place is heavenly, doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

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