We have been out camping a few times now and our Bug Smacker has become a bit dirty. It really comes as no surprise. After all, that is why we call it our “bug smacker”.

So I decided that it was time for our rig to take a bath. Over the winter I got a hold of some cleaning products from Bio-Kleen. I figured that now was a good time to put them to the test.

These products are sold as American made, biodegradable cleaning products and claim to outperform leading brands and help maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

After using these products on the Bug Smacker, I have to agree that they worked pretty darn well. Bio-Kleen’s cleaning products not only brought our rig to a shine, but these eco-friendly products are safe for the user and the environment. I do have to admit I was pleasantly surprised how well they cleaned our RV. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good safe alternative.

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