Bay City State Park

We had planned on joining our kids and parents next weekend at Bay City State Park to celebrate Father’s Day. The boys had plans to take their old man golfing. I haven’t had much exposure to the game. In fact, I have only been to golf course a couple of times in my lifetime. The game does however have an addictive aspect to it and I am excited to be giving it another try.

Yesterday we had Brock and Halee’s wedding to attend. Terri and I didn’t plan on leaving for Bay City until next Wednesday. On Sunday, we got the itch and made arrangements to arrive at the campground early.

When we arrived, we found the place to be very quiet and peaceful. There were very few people here. With no one camping on either side of us, we decided to give Terri’s brother and his wife a call to find out if they were interested in arriving early as well. To our surprise they happened to be relaxing in their rig, parked in their driveway, enjoying the A/C since they had none in the house. They told us that they would be glad to come join us. Within minutes they were ready to “Hitch Up and Go”.

Bay City has a nice state park. We have always enjoyed coming here. It is usually quite relaxing here. The parking is also not far from town in case we need anything. One thing we did need pretty badly was bug spray. The mosquitoes here are as thick as “Pea Soup”. (I am guessing about the pea soup thing. I have never eaten the stuff or even actually seen it. In fact it doesn’t even sound like something that I would ever see unless someone next to me was to order it from somewhere but then again I don’t think I know anyone who would do that. I will most likely live out the rest of my years without ever knowing “Pea Soup”.)

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