Bay City State Park

On our maiden voyage in our NEW Trailer, we decided to head over to Bay City State Park for a few days of camping. Following a week of preparation we were quite excited to try out our new RV. First thing I noticed was how much more difficult it was to get in and out of our driveway. Between the narrow width of the drive and the crown in the road, it was quite a challenge. We left for the park with 2/3 of a tank of fresh water. Even with the additional weight our old red truck seemed to step up to the challenge.

We arrived at the State Park to find there were already a half dozen or so RVs camping there. I am surprised at how many people winter camp. The temperature can get a bit chilly at night and the only water to be found is the water you haul in by jug.

The temperature during our stay got down to about 30° at night and about 45° during the day. On Sunday it actually got up into the 70’s. This is not normal for Michigan this time of year, but it was very welcome.

After spending some time in our new RV we began to really appreciate it. It has a lot more room and storage than our last one. I really hate to compare them. It’s like comparing children. I do however need to say that this one is a lot smarter than the other one.

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