Bay City State Park

It’s time for RIBS again which brings us to our annual stay at the Bay City State Park. Like every year the park is just filled with mosquitoes. The rain this year doesn’t help matters. They can be quite annoying, but that doesn’t stop us because we’re just here to make a “Run for the Ribs”.

I had picked up 14 advance tickets for friends and family to attend the Labadie Pig Gig with us on Saturday. Wouldn’t you know that Saturday was the day the sky let loose with a torrential downpour. I mean it wasn’t raining “cats and dogs”; it was raining “hippos and elephants”. That was not enough to stop us hardcore Piggy Munchers. We outfitted ourselves with raincoats and umbrellas and headed into the storm. We arrived to discover that even the vendors and competitors hadn’t shown up yet. We were all alone and HUNGRY!

This year the Sawmill Smoke House did not show up at all, so I figured that Aussum Aussie would regain their title for best ribs. I was wrong. A new contender had arrived called Barbecue Company. I believe that even if the Sawmill had shown up that they would have had to bow to the ribs from the Barbecue Company.

BBQ_Co BBQ_Co_Ribs  

The BBQ Company ribs were juicy, succulent and fall off the bone tender. They had an apple wood smoke flavor that penetrated the meat right to the bone. The ribs were grilled in a dry rub and then glazed with two different sauces until they achieve their perfection. 

One more thing that I would like to mention is about the prices. Every year the price for the ribs goes up. This year was no exception. I can understand how this is inevitable but, in a year where money is tight and hardship is abundant, this is not a good time to raise prices. The thing that gets me is that I heard the rib competitors are informed by the event organizers as to the prices that are to set.  One competitor went as far as to state that they weren’t here to get rich, just to compete and serve good food. The organizers of this event need to remember why people attend this event, to eat ribs!  If people can’t afford them then why show up. If things get too out of hand I may be forced to head over to the Tofu Festival.

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