Bay City State Park

Once again this year we have found ourselves at the Bay City State Park. And once again we have found ourselvesmosquito spending most of our time indoors because of the extremely bad mosquito infestation problem here. It is really a shame that the bugs are so bad here. Seems as if anytime we come to this place, we see everyone fiercely swatting at these irritating little pests.

When we arrived the campground was quite empty. By the holiday weekend the place had completely filled up. Looking online at the other State Parks, we saw that all of them were pretty full. It is good to see how popular camping is. It is not good for us when we have no reservations. We were lucky to find a spot on such short notice this year.

On Labor Day almost everyone packed up and headed home. The camper parade headed for the dump station was extremely long. We were glad we had made the decision to stay another day.

Parade to Sanitation Station

That afternoon, we had a rather large storm pass through the campground. The rain came down hard, the wind kicked up and we even lost our power. Our family all stopped by to visit just as the first rain drop hit the ground. We all piled into the RV along with a couple of rather large dogs. The place was tight, hot and muggy. But, it sure was nice to see our kids again. Terri¬†was having “Grandma” withdrawals. (see previous post)

Bay City State Park Bay City State Park

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