Bathroom Eyes

Today modern campground bathrooms have eyes everywhere. They have them in the lights, in the faucet, in the soap dispenser, in the blow dryer, in the paper towel dispenser, in the room air freshener and even in the toilet. By now I am sure that you have guessed that what I am referring to is those little sensors on these things that turn them on and off.

I am sure that the intentions are good for the use of these things. Personally I like the fact that I don’t need to touch these things in a public bathroom. I have seen far too many people touch the toilet flush handle, the faucet handle, then the towel dispenser handle without ever bothering to touch the soap dispenser. Thus giving the germs on the toilet handle a ride to the bathroom door handle where others can give them a lift on the way out.

I would assume that the little eyes on these things could save energy as well. I know for a fact that people have a tendency to be able to turn things on much better than they can turn them back off. Every light switch in every room my kids have ever been in and out of is proof of this theory.

The problem that I seem to have is that every one of these eyes that I come into contact with seem to be half blind. I have encountered faucets that do not come on until you turn to walk away from them. And what is it with putting the soap dispenser next to the water faucet? Whenever you want soap you get water and whenever you want water you get soap. If there is more than one sink, the water faucet will not come on until you move to the next one. I always seem to leave with wet hands because the towel dispenser doesn’t like me and either won’t give me any towels or one that is only 1 inch long. All of that time, I am totally in the dark because the light went off 30 seconds after I entered the room.

The little eye that annoys me the most is the one on the toilet. It seems to have some kind of sense of humor. If the facility you happen to be in is nice enough to provide you with one of those paper toilet seat cover dispensers, you might as well forget it. After you carefully place the paper on the toilet seat and turn to use it, the eye will see you move and flush the cover down every time. One time it took me 5 attempts and I am sure I could hear the little eyeball laughing every time. I eventually got the best of it by using a small piece of toilet paper, getting it wet (preferably by not dipping it into the toilet) and sticking it right into his beady little eye!

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