Back to Dealer for Black Tank Problems

When I first arrive at a park that doesn’t have water hookups, I will fill the fresh water tank. Then I will also look into the black tank through the toilet to see how full it is. This is because the gauge for this tank can be deceiving. Last time I did this I noticed a bolt in the bottom of the tank. This discovery began a very interesting lesson.

First I called my local dealer and informed him of my discovery. He stated that all kinds of things have been known to show up in these tanks while they are being built. The most typical to be found is the cut out for the toilet that is dropped into the tank while it is drilled. He said that I should look for this cutout as well as the bolt I told him about. I said that made sense since I have had problems draining the black tank ever since I bought the RV.

I went home and spent quite some time looking over my black tank and the way it was put together. I used a mirror on a stick to try and look inside the tank. I did discover that the drain in my tank was not on the side of the RV like I had thought but in the center. In fact ,it is located in the front and center of the black tank in my 2006 Jayco JayFlight.
I confirmed this by calling Jayco the next day. I told them that they neglected to realize that this so called “1/2 ton series” Fifth Wheel that is too heavy for a ½ ton pickup, when mounted on a ¾ ton truck, will not sit level. The Fifth Wheel will tilt towards the back. It will not allow the black tank to sit level and drain out the front of the tank. This answers why my tank never seems to drain completely. The only time I will be able to completely drain the black tank is when the RV is not hooked to my truck. I sure will get funny looks when I unhook at the dump station. People will think I am going to camp there.

I then took my RV into the dealership to have them look for the bolt and any other restrictions in the tank. They told me that they flushed the tank several times and could not get the bolt out. They said it was a #8 pan head bolt which is quite common on these units. The dealer informed me that they didn’t find anything else in the tank that may restrict the flow. They did, however, adjust the vent pipe to lessen any vacuum problems.  

Only time will tell what will happen next. I sure have had my fair share of troubles with this RV.

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