Axle Inspection

Due to the tire problems I recently had with my RV, Jayco recommended that I have someone look over the trailer. I got a hold of the local Jayco dealer and they said that I should take it over to a trailer repair shop.

Today I took it over to Tow-Line Trailer to have them check it out. They told me that everything looked to be aligned correctly. They said that the problem was most likely cheap tires that did not hold up.

The other day I was at a tire dealer in town. I explained to them the problem I was having with my RV. They said that trailer tires are pretty much all the same. The guy there said my tire problem was most likely due to an alignment problem with the suspension.

I really do not know what actually happened to my tires and caused the belts in the center to separate on them. All that I am sure about is that both tires on the same axle went bad at the same time. Even more confusing is that both tires on the axle in front of these tires are still looking brand new after 2 years of service.

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