All Tied Up

I have been searching for a way to keep my RV hoses and cables bundled. I have been using large wire tie wraps. These work ok, but don’t last very long. I have spent quite some time looking in several stores for replacement tie wraps large enough to bundle my hoses. It seems to be a hard item to locate.

In my quest for replacement ties, I came across an item called the Cable Clamp. This item is just what I needed. It is a simple design. You just clamp it onto your hoses or cables. You then press the release button to unclamp it. They come in a variety of sizes to fit most needs. The Cable Clamp makes a storing your gear much easier. I couldn’t possibly think of going back to the bread wrapper styled tie-wraps.

Cable Clamp

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  1. I found that a heavy duty double sided (loops on one side and hooks on the other) Velcro band works really well for this and for making double sure that my awning arms stay locked when traveling.

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