Algonac State Park

Ships Ahoy! A while back Terri and I were on a trip along the St. Clair River when we discovered the Algonac State Park. We drove past it, did a double take, and then turned around to check it out. Ever since that day we have been anxious to return.

This is a very busy State Park and is quite difficult to get into. It not only offers hiking trails and a shooting range, but its greatest feature is that is located directly across the road from the St. Clair River. This allows for an exceptional view of passing Ships. Freighters from around the world pass along the one half mile of St. Clair River frontage.

The day we arrived it was very stormy out. In fact we heard reports of 30 foot waves up in Lake Superior. We were afraid that this would lessen our chances of seeing any ships. As a matter of fact it did, according to an online map we were watching, most freighters were held up in Lake Erie waiting for the storm to pass. This turned out to be a good thing for when the storm let up the ships all lined up to continue up the river right past us. All-in-all we counted 19 ships the 2 days we were there. It was simply incredible to see them this close.


Before we left we got a chance to meet our neighbors, Norm & Shirley Brugman. They actually just live down the road in Marysville. They spend time camping here and also head south to camp in the winter months.

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