Algonac State Park

We are at Algonac State Park to watch the ships again. This time we have new bikes to bring along. Now that we can travel by bike, we discovered a cool paved bike trail that goes into town from the state park. It was a nice ride.

Algonac State Park Algonac State Park Family

Looks like they have made some improvements to the shooting range since we were here last. It was not open yet but it will be a great addition to the place.

Shooting Range

We have never looked forward to any places in this area to eat. Not that the restaurants in this area are bad, it’s just that they are not anything special. That was until this trip.

A new place opened right down the road from the state park just 3 months ago. It is the Foxfire Fixins restaurant. The sign says they serve Redneck Fusion Cuisine. We discovered that what was on the menu was simply Good Food. We ate there several times and were never disappointed.

Foxfire Fixins Foxfire Fixins


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