Addison Oaks Park


I am going to try real hard not to come off as negative about this campground. In fact let me preface this post with the following statement ” we were at the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

Terri and I needed a place to camp that would put us close to my niece’s wedding this weekend. Terri booked a site at Addison Oaks which is part of the Oakland County Park system. I had driven by this place not too long ago, but I never actually went in.

This is where things get interesting. You see, since we were just in the area for a wedding, we were not going to be doing any typical “camping”. We were just going to get dressed up, then come and go.

We did have a paved campsite but everything else around us was MUD! It had been raining quite a lot in this area and since dirt and water make MUD, we were in the middle of a MUDDY mess.

Not only were we dressed for a wedding but to make matters worse I had spent the entire last week washing and waxing both the Silverado and Montana. BUMMER!

To top things off, as soon as I got back into the truck we both instantly noticed a truly horrible stench. That is when I noticed that I had stepped in some extremely rude owner’s huge pile of dog “$#!t”.

Why can’t people be nice? Come on now! Our entire campsite was littered with these landmines.


Now back to the story. The park itself really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it would be a nice place to camp if all the things listed above hadn’t happened to us. Here are some photos of the place.


restroom restroom restroom laundry


birds campsite campground carnival



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