A Tangled Mess

I finally had enough of fighting with the power cord on my RV. My trailer originally came with the standard small round door that allows access to the area where your power cord is stored. More times than not, when I would try to pull the cord through this small opening the cord would become tangled and twisted into knots. This would prevent me from pulling out the entire length of cord stored in the RV.

On one occasion we were traveling and decided to pull into a rest area and grab a quick bite to eat. We had the generator in the back of the pickup so warming something up would be no problem, so we thought. The cord in the RV was just long enough to reach the generator in the back of the truck. I tried pulling the cord out of the RV only to find it was all tangled thus preventing me from reaching the generator. Our quick bite to eat turned into a major ordeal.

The solution was a new Power Cord Door. The new door is much larger and allows you to reach right in and grab the cord. The cord never becomes stuck or tangled. This is a great improvement.

Replacing the old door with the new Power Cord Door was quite easy. Just follow these steps.

1) Remove the screws in the old door and pull it off the RV.

2) Hold the new door in place over the location of the old one and lightly scribe a line around it with a pencil. Then draw a second line ½ or so inches inside of this line to use as a cut mark for the new hole.

3) After drilling a pilot hole, use a saber saw to cut the new hole. Placing a piece of cardboard between the saw and the RV will prevent scratches to your trailer.

4) Place Butyl Rubber Tape around the flange of the new door to seal it and attach it to the RV using the screws provided.
You are now ready to enjoy a new tangle free life.

Another advantage to using this larger door is the ability to replace the plug on your RV cord with a new PowerGrip Plug. This type of plug makes disconnecting your plug a whole lot easier and safer.

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