A Father’s Plea to his Child

note: The following plea was written by me to my son some time ago in an effort to convince him to quit smoking. I once was a smoker and know the difficulty in kicking the habit. It saddened me to see him go through the pain that I too had experienced. I am happy to say that as I write this, I no longer know of anyone in my family that smokes. Please feel free to pass along the following message to someone you love.


A Father’s Plea to his Child

Reasons to Quit Smoking:

1. BAD BREATH– yes everyone can smell it.
2. No more need to take time out of your day for a smoke break.
3. You will miss out on dating opportunities.
4. It will cost you higher insurance premiums.
5. You will require more sick days.
6. It can KILL you.
7. You cannot keep up with non-smokers in physical activities.
8. Non-smokers look at smokers as having a weak character.
9. You will miss out on important career opportunities that non-smokers will not.
10. Stained teeth and fingers.
11. Nervousness and depression.
12. Constant coughing.
13. You have to listen to others complain about your smoke.
14. Breathing problems.
15. Fatigue.
16. Heart disease risk, including heart attack, no you’re not too young.
17. Gum disease.
18. You will get facial creases and wrinkles.
20. Smoke stinks up everything you own.
21. You are missing out on the true flavor of food. You will enjoy a better sense of taste and smell.
22. Cigarette burns everywhere.
23. Risk of second hand smoke to people around you
24. Nonsmokers don’t like kissing smokers. There is nothing sexy about smoking.
25. Stroke.
26. You take longer to recover from illnesses.
27. With each puff you inhale over 4,000 chemicals (250 are toxic poisons, 60 cause cancer) These include:  Ammonia (found in toilet bowl cleaner); Arsenic (ingredient in rat poison); Polonium 210 (nuclear waste);  Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust); Acetone (used in finger nail polish remover)
28. Emphysema and other lung diseases.
29. Morning cough.
30. No more naps to combat the tiredness because your body has to process all the poisons that cigarettes have.
31. No more self-hate and loss of self-esteem.
32. You will shorten your life with each puff.
33. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine.
34. When you stop smoking, you save a lot of money that can be spent on more important things.
35. Immediately after you quit smoking, you will never again have to deal with the hassle of leaving someone’s  home, your workplace, your own home, a restaurant or any other place to have a cigarette.
36. No more cigarette hangovers after late nights out.
37. The older you get, the more you will regret smoking and the harder it is to quit.
38. Arguments with parents, friends who want you to stop smoking.
39. You are tired of the need of a crutch.

Reasons to Smoke:

1. Gives you some type of imaginary confidence.
2.     You are weak and don’t have the ability to quit.
3. After being told a thousand times, you truly don’t realize the reasons listed above.

After reading these reasons which way does your scale tip? Take a good long look and think seriously about your answer. I bring this to you because I love you. I too had this problem and beat it. I hate to see you suffer. I only want to help you.

Remember this- The difference between a wise man and a fool is, a wise man learns from other’s mistakes and a fool learns from his own mistakes.

Written by: A loving Father

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