6 Volt Battery Upgrade

I elected not to have the dealership install a battery in my new RV when I purchased it. Instead I decided that I would purchase my own. This was not only a money saving decision, but a performance based one as well.

I did a ton of research on “the best RV Battery”. I found that most people said that if you go with two batteries then it is wise to choose 6 volt batteries. These are usually Golf Cart type batteries. 6 volt when compared to 12 volt batteries will have a longer reserve capacity. They are considered True Deep Cycle batteries.

When shopping for new batteries I discovered a vast array of prices and types.  Not only do you have your choice of 12 volt or 6 volt versions, but there are different types as well. There are Flooded Lead Acid, Gel Cell and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. These all have their Pros & Cons. I will not go into detail here since there are plenty of good sources on the web that supply a wealth of information on this topic. I will say that I decided to go with the 6 volt, Flooded, Golf Cart battery for my RV since it provided the best balance between performance and value.

The batteries in my RV are located in the front storage compartment of the fifth wheel. The original battery boxes were designed to store 12 volt Marine Type batteries. They had a hose attached to the top to vent off any hazardous gasses. Since the 6 volt batteries were taller, I needed to purchase new storage boxes. I then cut holes in the lids and secured a fitting to them. I attached the existing vent hoses to this fitting. I also had to replace some of the cabling since the 6 volt batteries are wired in series instead of parallel.

I am now hoping that when we are Boondocking this time of year, the batteries will supply enough power to keep the furnace going all night long. I really don’t enjoy waking up in the middle of the night to go start the generator because the battery went dead. It’s hard to get out from under the covers of your bed when you can see your breath.

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