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Power Plug Meltdown


Proper usage of electrical connections can save you from a major meltdown. When you go to plug-in or remove the Power Plug on the end of your cord from the RV from the hookup post it is always a good idea to shut the breaker on the post off first.… Read the rest

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Keyless RV Entry Lock

We had a choice of many new options when we went to purchase our new RV. One of them was the Keyless Entry Lock option for the main door. At first it doesn’t seem like much of a necessity. In fact we didn’t think it was worth the $179 extra charge.… Read the rest

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Damaged Window Replacement

We just got our Jayco back from another trip to the dealership. The rear windows had finally come in. They were also kind enough to replace our damaged slide awning and make an adjustment to our bed slide mechanism for us.… Read the rest

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Reinstalled Fifth Wheel Hitch

Thanks to my son Jason for finding me someone to mount the trailer hitch in our new truck. Due to time and money limitations (of which I had little of either) I was in a tough position. Jason has told me in the past about Parshallburg’s in Chesaning, Michigan and I can see why he recommended them so highly.… Read the rest

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Back to the Dealer

Back to the dealer for a couple of needed repairs. On our last trip we noticed that we could not open the rear sliding window. It apparently had been over tightened at the factory causing the frame to bind.

Also we found some caulk in the carpeting, one of the slide-out awnings would pool with water every time it rained and the front hatch door latch that had been replaced on our last visit did not hold the door in position.… Read the rest

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