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I need a whole wall replaced on my new RV

Can you believe this…I needed a whole brand new outside rear wall for my Jayco Eagle 5th wheel. Good thing it is still under warranty (just barely). The rear wall on my trailer has got a bubble in it. I am told it has started to delaminate due to a dry socket.… Continued

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Power Plug Meltdown


Proper usage of electrical connections can save you from a major meltdown. When you go to plug-in or remove the Power Plug on the end of your cord from the RV from the hookup post it is always a good idea to shut the breaker on the post off first.… Continued

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Under Attack

Terri and I are just sitting in our RV watching TV when we hear a lawn mower start-up outside in the distance. We discuss how rude it is to be making such a racket so early on a Sunday morning. I am sure there are still many people just crawling out of bed after being out late last night around the campfire.… Continued

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Damaged Window Replacement

We just sent our Jayco back to the dealership. The rear windows had finally come in. They are replacing the rear slide windows because they would not open. The windows were over tightened when they were installed causing them not to open correctly.… Continued

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Lippert Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack

One of the first situations we experienced with our new Jayco RV was a bent Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack manufactured by Lippert Components. This is a very popular jack installed on many RVs and I can’t understand why this jack ended up damaged the very first time we used it.… Continued

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