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Power Plug Meltdown


Proper usage of electrical connections can save you from a major meltdown. When you go to plug-in or remove the Power Plug on the end of your cord from the RV from the hookup post it is always a good idea to shut the breaker on the post off first.… Read the rest

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99 Things NOT to do when RVing

A bit of satire for all those RVers out there who see the humor in what we love.

by Tim R. Enright



1. Drive down the road with more than 2 slides out.

2. Use your sewer hose to fertilize your neighbor’s flowers.… Read the rest

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Bug Smacker is now available on your Kindle

Bug Smacker is now available on your Kindle. Bug Smacker is auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated so you can stay current. Each post is fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can keep up with the adventures of Bug Smacker even when you’re not wirelessly connected.… Read the rest

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6 Volt Battery Upgrade

I elected not to have the dealership install a battery in my new RV when I purchased it. Instead I decided that I would purchase my own. This was not only a money saving decision, but a performance based one as well.… Read the rest

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Pre-Travel RV Check List

Here is a short list of some of the things to do to get ready prior to leaving your campsite. Hopefully this list will give you some piece of mind as you get ready to travel.



  • Inside Gear Stowed
  • Stow TV
  • Antenna Down
  • Windows/Vents Closed
  • Shut off Interior Lights
  • Water Heater/Pump Off
  • Slide(s) In
  • Remove Chocks
  • Unhook Electrical
  • Disconnect Cable
  • Stow Water/Drain Hoses
  • Secure Awning
  • Raise Jacks Up
  • Lock Doors
  • Retract Entry Step
  • Hookup & Latch Hitch
  • Test Tug Trailer
  • Do a Final Walk Around


Here is a link you can use to print the list above: Pre-Travel RV Check List

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