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Power Plug Meltdown


Proper usage of electrical connections can save you from a major meltdown. When you go to plug-in or remove the Power Plug on the end of your cord from the RV from the hookup post it is always a good idea to shut the breaker on the post off first.… Continued

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JACK Digital Over-the-Air HDTV Antenna

The JACK Digital Over-the-Air HDTV Antenna proved to be an improvement over the standard antenna typically included with most RVs.

Use the following link to find out more about the JACK HDTV Antenna

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Lippert Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack

One of the first situations we experienced with our new Jayco RV was a bent Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack manufactured by Lippert Components. This is a very popular jack installed on many RVs and I can’t understand why this jack ended up damaged the very first time we used it.… Continued

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MOR/ryde TV Mounts

Mounting a TV on the wall of your RV isn’t as clear cut as you might think. There are literally thousands of different types of mounts out there to choose from. You want to make sure the one you choose is right for your particular application.… Continued

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Don’t Bug Me


Ever get to your destination after a long trip only to find your vehicle splattered by bugs? Ever wish you could just peal them all off with one quick easy swipe? Well with Road Wrap, now you can.

Road Wrap is an ingenious product.… Continued

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