Burt Lake State Park

If you have a boat then this is the place for you. Be it a speedboat, a kayak or just a tube, you will just love this place. Most everyone here has a boat of some kind.


Burt Lake is connected to Mullett Lake by the Indian River. These are great waterways for larger boats. If you do not have a boat, they are available for rent.

The Sturgeon River is a smaller river that empties into Burt Lake from the south. This is the fastest river in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This makes for a great river to tube or kayak. However if you intend to canoe or kayak the river be prepared to do some navigating. The river has some quick bends and sharp turns further upstream. I was informed that about 80% of the people who rent kayaks locally tip them in the river.


This State Park has large camping sites. All of them have 20/30 amp electrical and some have 50 amp. The sites near the water have fewer trees and the ones in the back are more wooded. There is a park store with pizza, ice cream, snacks and fire wood.  The beach is kept well groomed and the water is sparkling clear.

The heat over the last week has been pushing into the 100° mark. The humidity has been in the 80% range. The weather has been really HOT!

We noticed a lot of the local restaurants are now closed. We were told that the off season has been quite hard on them due to the economy. We ate at a place called “Vivio’s”. We ordered some homemade Soft Feta Breadsticks and a Pizza. I think we may very well now have a new front runner in our quest for the perfect pizza. I need to get back over to Big Al’s in Manistee to verify this. Terri says that the Breadsticks at Vivio’s are the best she has ever had, even topping the Bucilli’s Silly Sticks we had in Houghton Lake a few days ago. The shirts on the employees have the number 342 on the back. That was the total number of pizzas they sold on a single day on July 6, 2007.

This guy was standing frozen at the entrance to Mackinaw Crossings. Not an easy task when the heat outside is almost 100 degrees.


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