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Stop Slamming the Tent Door

Tent camping is not even in the same ballpark as RVing. It takes a special kind of person to stay in a tent. Modern RVs are now pretty much just like small homes on wheels. Tents now days are pretty much just like well tents.… Continued

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Bay City State Park

Once again this year we have found ourselves at the Bay City State Park. And once again we have found ourselvesmosquito spending most of our time indoors because of the extremely bad mosquito infestation problem here. It is really a shame that the bugs are so bad here.… Continued

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We are Grandparents!

Terri and I would like to welcome this precious little angel into our lives. Her name is Arlington Marie Enright. This is our first grandchild. We are so proud. Good job, Jason and Becky.


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Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

Once again we are not ready to go home yet. This seems to happen quite often now-days. We have returned again to Outdoor Adventures in Standish. Upon our arrival we ran into a couple of our friends, Jason and Wendy. They had just arrived with their young son who looked real excited.… Continued

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South Higgins Lake State Park

BugSamcker CampfireI want to begin by saying that we have never camped at this state park before. We have heard other campers say how nice it is and we have even driven through it to check it out. We, however, have never actually stayed here.… Continued

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