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Burt Lake State Park

Little did we know how fortunate we were to grab such a nice campsite. Back when we were trying to book this trip, we were unable to get the the site we originally wanted. I remember how frustrated I was that someone else clicked on the site to book it before I could.… Continued

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Valley Plaza RV Resort

I got a call late yesterday, on a Sunday never the less. It was from the company that I hired to sealcoat my driveway at the house. They called to give me my one day notice that they were coming out Monday to do the job.… Continued

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Algonac State Park

Armada State FairI heard an ad on the radio for the Armada Fair and thought how nice it would be to take my parents. The Budweiser Horses were going to be there as well as Tractor Pulls. My wife and mother would love both of these events.… Continued

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4 New Tires

I just had 4 brand new Maxxis ST235/80R16 trailer tires installed on the RV today. I took the advise of Roger Marble from RV Tire Safety and purchased them from a national chain. I got them from Discount Tire. This way if I have anymore tire problems I am counting on them to help me out. … Continued

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Space Invaders

Not sure why people can’t seem to stay out of my personal space. Seems like everywhere I go people just have a need to invade my zone. It is like I have this orbit around me and these irritating little asteroids just keep zipping in and out of it.… Continued

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