Month: April 2012

Your Home Phone on Google Voice


That is it, no more phone bills! I have decided to switch my home phone number from Vonage to Google Voice.  I now needed to check into “Porting” the phone number so that I could keep it. I logged into my Gmail account and went to Google Voice.… Continued

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Make Your Home Phone $Free$

Years ago our house phone bill got so ridiculously expensive that we decided to do something about it. I wanted to keep our current house phone number, so I decided to “Port” our number. This allowed me to switch to a new service while keeping our current number.… Continued

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Lubricating the Dexter E-Z Lube System

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Little River Casino RV Park

It is Friday the 13th and we decided to try our luck and make our first RV trip of the season at a casino. That was a big mistake! Not that either of us are big time gamblers, but we both went into see how the 13th would treat us this time.… Continued

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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance for your RV

Easter has come and gone. The days are getting longer and so is the grass. Even the flowers are popping out. These are all indications that it is time to get the cobwebs out of your RV and gather the things that were remove from it last season.  … Continued

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