Month: July 2010

Pettit Park

I want to write this while I still have the passion in my belly. Let me begin by saying that we did not end up where we intended to. Nor does it look like we will be doing what we had planned for the weekend.… Continued

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Gladwin City Park Campground

We are camping this weekend at Gladwin City Park and Campground. When we pulled into the park we found only 3 available sites. The first spot was barely big enough to pitch a pup tent on.  Luckily enough the other two sites were actually quite large when compared to the others at this park.… Continued

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I’ll Tell You Where You Can Go!

Have we finally gotten to the point where we are letting computers tell us all where we can go? I do have to admit that when it comes to mapping out a RV road trip, there isn’t a handier gadget than a GPS Device.… Continued

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Outdoor Adventures – Wilderness Resort

Good thing we decided to stop at Outdoor Adventures on the way home from the State Park because the traffic on I-75 was literally stopped. We tried to get gas just before the exit onto the expressway only to find the station had none.… Continued

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Thunder Bay River

Two years ago I canoed down Thunder Bay River for the first time, so I was excited to return and give it a try with my kayak. We started out at the Thunder Bay Canoe & Kayak Livery in Atlanta, Michigan.… Continued

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