Month: August 2009

Pettit Park

We wanted to get away for a quick weekend, so we decided to stay at Pettit Park in Clare, Michigan. We had a very enjoyable weekend while we were here. We were even lucky enough to see the deer that like to come out and nibble on the apples under the tree near our site.… Continued

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Bay City State Park

It’s time for RIBS again which brings us to our annual stay at the Bay City State Park. Like every year the park is just filled with mosquitoes. The rain this year doesn’t help matters. They can be quite annoying, but that doesn’t stop us because we’re just here to make a “Run for the Ribs”.… Continued

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Bathroom Eyes

Today modern campground bathrooms have eyes everywhere. They have them in the lights, in the faucet, in the soap dispenser, in the blow dryer, in the paper towel dispenser, in the room air freshener and even in the toilet. By now I am sure that you have guessed that what I am referring to is those little sensors on these things that turn them on and off.… Continued

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