Month: January 2009

What’s The Big Stink About?

Your RV’s black tank can be a stinky subject. Maintenance of this tank is one of the most misunderstood areas of your RV. The black tank is simply used to store your toilet waste. This tank takes a bit more effort to maintain than your grey or fresh water tanks.… Continued

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When Size Matters

When it comes to RVs, most people will tell you that bigger is better. In most cases they are correct. A larger RV will provide you with more living area. Everything in a larger RV is designed to increase your level of comfort.… Continued

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Rack ’em Up

There are several different types of bike racks on the market which can be used by RVers. Most styles will accommodate at least 2 bicycles. Each of the various racks will have their good and bad points. Allow me to elaborate on some of the more common types.… Continued

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RV Types

Recreational Vehicles (or RVs as they are commonly known) are portable living areas used for traveling or camping while away from home. This is not to say they can’t be used for main living quarters. Many people use RVs as their primary residence.… Continued

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RV Germ Warfare

On one side we have the “GERMS” and on the other, we have the “RVer”. Germs simply lurk inconspicuously waiting to latch on to any RVer that approaches their borders. RVers on the other hand, have the skills and weapons to wipe-out the nasty critters before they can assemble into any sort of organized, dangerous threat.… Continued

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