Month: August 2008

Black River

We are doing a bit of camping out in the wilderness this weekend. We are alongside the Black River in northern Michigan.  We only have a couple of days to spend here this year. We have promised our 2 boys that we would take them to the Zoo on Labor Day.… Continued

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Stop! If You Can

This spring we went on a trip to Maine and I wish I knew then what I know now about trailer brakes. If I had, the trip would have been a whole lot easier. I knew that my trailer brakes were not what they used to be, but I did not know why.… Continued

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New Trailer Brakes

I have not been happy with the way my trailer brakes have been working. I tried replacing my brake controller and I still did not get the stopping power I was looking for. So today I purchased 4 new electric trailer brake backing plates and drums.… Continued

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Valley Plaza RV Resort

Today is 08-08-08 and we should be at the casino betting on something. Look at me I sound like a big time gambler. We went to the casino on Friday the 13th to try our luck and I lost the $20 limit we each spend in less than 10 minutes.… Continued

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