Month: April 2008

Time to Vent

We are planning on a road trip soon, so I decided it was time to look into improving the ventilation in our 5th wheel. We have 2 hatch type windows, 1 small slide window and 3 louver type. There is also a power vent in the ceiling at the rear of the trailer.… Continued

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Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Campground

The Chippewa Indian Campground is owned and operated by the same tribe that runs the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  Unlike most casino RV parks, this campground is not at the casino, it is a few miles down the road.… Continued

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Good Night Irene

Sleeping while camping can be one of the greatest challenges of being away from home. The more time you spend in your RV, the more you will come to appreciate a good bed. From crawling into a sleeping bag under the stars to sliding under the sheets of king sized bed in a class A Motor Home, a good night’s sleep can sometimes be hard to get.… Continued

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Valley Plaza RV Resort

The long cold winter has gone and it is once again time to go camping. This is our first trip of the year, so we do not like to go too far from home. This was a wise decision since when we got to our site at the Valley Plaza RV Resort we noticed that we had forgotten to load the TV.… Continued

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Wi-Fi That Works

If you are anything like me then the internet has become a big part of your life. I use it at work, I use it at home, and I even use it while camping. Just because we are away from home doesn’t mean we have to become disconnected from the world.… Continued

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