Month: November 2007

Outdoor Adventures- Saginaw Bay Resort

Following Deer Camp this year we stopped at Outdoor Adventures- Saginaw Bay Resort. Since we needed to clean out our tanks and winterize the trailer anyway, we decided that we would squeeze in one more week of camping. This is Thanksgiving week so my wife will only be working 3 days.… Continued

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Hunting Camp

It is that time again. It’s time to gather up food for the long cold Michigan winter. It’s time to go huntin’!

At Deer Camp this year we had a full house. Besides my wife and me, we had both of the boys and their girlfriends… OH and don’t forget Mo (our dog).… Continued

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Outdoor Adventures- Lake Shore

We are currently staying at the last of the five RV parks that are associated with Outdoor Adventures. This one is called Lake Shore. It is located in Davison, Michigan. This park is one of the busiest of all the parks, so we waited until late in the season to visit it.… Continued

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