Month: October 2005

Wilderness State Park

This park is located at the tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  It is on the Lake Michigan shoreline, just west of the Mackinac Bridge. Wilderness State Park is often confused with Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park located in the Upper Peninsula.… Continued

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Escape Hatch Window Leak

We found that our escape hatch window in the bedroom leaks. It looks to be mounted crooked. I found a new dealership to take it to that is much closer. We took it there. Thank goodness for the warranty.

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Pettit Park

We went for the weekend at Pettit Park.  The fall colors were great.  It is now later in the camping season and we are the only ones in the park, which makes for a peaceful setting.

Apples have fallen from a nearby tree and we were able to watch the deer up close when they came out to eat each morning and evening. … Continued

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