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Churchgrove Park

Church Grove Park

We are currently residing in Frankenmuth, Michigan. This is a tourist destination town know for Bronner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store. Frankenmuth is also home to the Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s, two of the largest independently owned restaurants in the country, that serve world famous chicken dinners.

On Thursday, Jerry, Ellen, Spike, Terri and I all went to Michigan on Main for Chicken Wings. This place is located within the Bavarian Inn. I have eaten a lot of wings in my day, but I can’t remember any of them tasting better than these.

Friday night was HOT and Humid. We strolled through town to find the streets pretty much empty. We did happen to discover this Dinosaur walking down the street.

HOT Dinosaur

Saturday, we searched for a Laundromat. Every search I performed online for a Laundromat, came up with a “Car Wash” nearby. Little did I know that the Car Wash was actually also a Laundromat. As well as an Oil Lube, Propane Refilling Station and Tire Center.


Yesterday the neighbors gathered outside our RV. They were looking up at a tree branch that had split from the tree next to us. Today a guy showed up with a tree saw and trimmed it away. This is just an example of how well maintained this place is. I am truly impressed.

We met Terry and Kim from Knoxville, Tennessee as they were on their way out of the park. Seems like some of the nicest people are the ones we meet as we are crossing paths.

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Bay City State Park

Bay City SP Bay City State Park BeachWe headed over to Bay City State Park to grab a 50amp site. The weather has been getting pretty hot and humid in Michigan. I wanted a bit more power to run both air conditioners to help battle the heat. We didn’t expect the campground to be this full. They only had 5 sites left. I didn’t realize that this was the weekend that the Tall Ships were coming to Bay City. This is a pretty big event and always draws a lot of people. Apparently, the campground filled due to this crowd.


Tall Ships Tall Ships Tall Ships

When we arrived the first thing I noticed was No Mosquitoes!!!

I can’t remember the last time we were at the Bay City Campground and didn’t get carried off by mosquitoes. It is usually really quite bad here. In fact, that’s one reason we don’t visit this place more often. This time, however, it was really nice without the company of the little pests.

One small critter we did have was a little red Cardinal. This guy would perch on the tree behind our RV then fly directly into our rear picture window. It was like he was doing battle with himself. This didn’t happen just once or twice but over and over all day long. You would think we could get used to the noise he made when he slammed into the glass but no, we still would jump out of out seats every time it happened.Furry

We took a walk over to check out the beach. There was quite a bit of activity over there. Not only was the beach packed with people, but on the walk home, we ran into more critters. There were people dressed in cute little animal costumes. My wife explained to me that the people in the animal suits were known as a Furry. They were gathering for some kind of party.


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Pettit Park

This seems to be happening more often to us these days. On our way home from a long enjoyable trip, we decide at the last minute that enough doesn’t seem to be enough and this time was no different. We were driving home when out of the blue I Clare MIasked Terri if she really wanted to go back now. That was a dumb question because I knew what her answer would be when I asked it. We stopped in Clare, Michigan to add a few more days to our trip.

We stopped in Clare, Michigan to add a few more days to our trip. This place seems to be more of an add-on trip than a destination. Never the less, this little town has quite a bit to offer.


Cops and Doughnuts

The town has 2 micro breweries, several fast-food places, a spectacular little hamburger joint, some great bar food, and one of the best doughnut shops you will find anywhere.

We discovered a new place to eat this time around. It is a bar called Ruckle’s Pier on the south end of town. We passed it by on several occasions in the past but this time, we decided to give it a try. We are both really glad we did. The food was great and the prices were even better. I ordered some Nachos and Terri got some Chips with Queso. We ended up topping the nachos with the homemade queso and ended up with a meal that was out of this world.

OK, enough talk about food. Here, take a look out our back window at the scenic view we have. We are actually downtown but have a deep woods experience.




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Burt Lake State Park

Once again, it is time to gather for our annual 4th of July potluck. This year we are at Burt Lake State Park. We were here last year for the Labor Day weekend and fell in love with this place. It is centrally located in a great part of Michigan which allows us to easily get to Petoskey, the Pigeon River Country State Forest area, the Straits area and Mackinac Island.

This state park is really nice and the site we chose is awesome. There are some great places to eat nearby. The weather has also been terrific. I really can’t think of anything bad about this place.

Yesterday, my Mom, Dad, Terri and I all took a trip to Mackinac Island. It has been many, many years since my parents had been to the island. They were both pretty excited to go.

If fact with all the excitement, I neglected to take a single photo to capture the moment. I am really disappointed in myself. So below, I created a rendition of what the photo would have looked like (if I would have remembered to take one) of us all going to the island.


Mackinac Island Trip

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The Cabin

tippyTerri and I decided to spend father’s day weekend up at my Dad’s cabin on Wixom Lake in Michigan. After tearing up his lawn and nearly putting my RV in the ditch, we finally got it into our campsite.

We did enjoy this site. The lake here is quite peaceful during the week and is a good place to relax. However, I needed to wait until after we left the area to update this post. The cell signals and internet connectivity are next to nill up there.

Another problem I found is the outhouse. It was a bit on the small size.


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