The RV Adventures of Bug Smacker

Showboat Park Campground

We selected the Showboat Park Campground as our next destination for several reasons. We wanted a place centrally located for our friends and family to gather for Father’s Day. We wanted to get a little closer to Lansing, where we were going to attend the Celtic Women concert. We wanted a place near a golf course, so that us dads could play a little golf on Father’s Day. And we wanted to do some kayaking on the Shiawassee River which runs through the park. Celtic Woman

The park is very nice. They take really good care of the park and campground. When we arrived the road was in need of some serious road work. However within a day or so it was reconstructed with fresh gravel and leveled. They also do a great job keeping the bugs away. With all the water in the park I really expected the place to be swarming with mosquitoes and there were really none to be found. The sites are not huge, but since we were the only ones there we had all the room we needed.

When the weekend rolled around there was a small festival in the park. This event brought with it a tractor pull, a beer tent, live music and food wagons. This was a nice surprise.

The only downside to our stay here was that we couldn’t get on the river to do any kayaking. Duran, Michigan had dumped 450,000 gallons of waste water into the river just prior to or visit. This made the river quite unusable downstream where we were located. It is really a shame that things like this are still allowed to happen to our rivers.

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WBio-Kleene have been out camping a few times now and our Bug Smacker has become a bit dirty. It really comes as no surprise. After all that is why we call it our “bug smacker”.

So I decided that it was time for our rig to take a bath. Over the winter I got a hold of some cleaning products from Bio-Kleen. I figured that now was a good time to put them to the test.

These products are sold as American made, biodegradable cleaning products and claim to outperform leading brands and help maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

After using these products on the Bug Smacker, I have to agree that they worked pretty darn well. Bio-Kleen’s cleaning products not only brought our rig to a shine, but these eco-friendly products are safe for the user and the environment. I do have to admit I was pleasantly surprised how well they cleaned our RV. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good safe alternative.

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Traverse City State Park

Traverse City State ParkThis is exactly what the doctor ordered. A quiet and relaxing week near Grand Traverse Bay. With the exception of the trucks & tractors working on the road out front, an occasional airplane taking off, a train or two and a brief spring shower every so often, this camping trip has been long over due. These small distractions are to be expected when the campground is located in an urban setting such as Traverse City State Park.

Over the holiday weekend the Traverse City State Park was absolutely packed. There wasn’t an empty site to be hadTraverse City State Park anywhere. The Bayshore Marathon was held on Saturday and the whole town was jam packed with people. The campground was no exception. The weather here was sunny and warm. It was a perfect holiday weekend.

Throughout the weekend we had a chance to meet up with some of our closest friends. We took a ride up to our favorite winery Chateau Chantal. We had some fabulous meals. We took a stroll through downtown Traverse City. We took time to play a bit on the beach. We even stoked up a nice little fire to wrap up a wonderful day.

Traverse City State Park

Saturday was my anniversary. It has now been 22 years without the inhalation of toxic smoke into my nicotine scarred lungs. I am quite proud of this major accomplishment. To celebrate, I grilled myself a fabulous ribeye steak. After all, nobody can serve up a steak as mouth watering as me. And I deserved the best on this day of celebration for my achievement.

As Sunday rolled around the entire park emptied out. Left were only a handful of RVs scattered here and there. The place became quite desolate. But then again, this was the part of the trip we were waiting for.

Now, back to the show……By show I mean “The Blacklist”. We have the entire last season recorded and have decided that this is an opportune time to do some binge watching. I have just 2 more to see so please no “spoilers”.

The Blacklist


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Valley Plaza RV Resort

After my trip over to Tow-Line Trailer, I decided not to return home with the RV right away. Instead I headed to Valley Plaza RV Resort in Midland, Michigan. We have been there several times in the past and always enjoyed it.Valley Plaza

Upon my arrival, I found out that the park had been acquired by new owners. In fact, they took over as of today. I hope the new owners plan on spending some money on the place and doing some well deserved maintenance. The place is showing its age and needs a little TLC. We are hoping it can once again become a top notch resort.

We were lucky enough to grab a great campsite. It is large and upfront near the pool. It is also close to the parking lot which will come in handy for family to join us for Mother’s Day this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


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Axle Inspection

Due to the tire problems I recently had with my RV, Jayco recommended that I have someone look over the trailer. I got a hold of the local Jayco dealer and they said that I should take it over to a trailer repair shop.

Today I took it over to Tow-Line Trailer to have them check it out. They told me that everything looked to be aligned correctly. They said that the problem was most likely cheap tires that did not hold up.

The other day I was at a tire dealer in town. I explained to them the problem I was having with my RV. They said that trailer tires are pretty much all the same. The guy there said my tire problem was most likely due to an alignment problem with the suspension.

I really do not know what actually happened to my tires and caused the belts in the center to separate on them. All that I am sure about is that both tires on the same axle went bad at the same time. Even more confusing is that both tires on the axle in front of these tires are still looking brand new after 2 years of service.

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