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Stop Slamming the Tent Door

Tent camping is not even in the same ballpark as RVing. It takes a special kind of person to stay in a tent. Modern RVs are now pretty much just like small homes on wheels. Tents now days are pretty much just like well tents. Living in a tent is not unlike hanging a sheet over a tree and calling it home.tent

One of the obvious problems with camping in a tent is how impervious it is to inclement weather. Tents leak. Some more than others, but water will always find its way into a tent. You may not get soaked. Your air mattress may not even float off the floor. But following any good stiff rain all your stuff will definitely have that damp musty feel.

Another challenge to tent camping is finding a place for all your stuff. Unlike a RV you really don’t have any closets or cabinets to store things in. Other than a Tenter’s cell phone which you will most likely find hanging out of the electrical hookup box, the rest of a Tent Camper’s stuff can only be kept in 3 places. The places are: the tent, a pile on the picnic table or just to keep things in the car. Your tent will only hold so much. The table is exposed to the weather. So that leaves your vehicle as your primary source to keep your valuables.

This leads me to my next subject. Tent campers tend to be a noisy bunch. I can’t blame them personally, it comes with the territory. Due to the lack of insulation in the construction of most tents, noise tends to travel outside the walls of a tent. In other words, what happens in a tent doesn’t necessarily stay in a tent. Also remember what I said about Tenter’s keeping most of their stuff in their vehicles? So if you have ever camped next to a Tent Camper you will agree that the sound of car doors slamming 24 hours a day can become extremely annoying.

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Bay City State Park

Once again this year we have found ourselves at the Bay City State Park. And once again we have found ourselvesmosquito spending most of our time indoors because of the extremely bad mosquito infestation problem here. It is really a shame that the bugs are so bad here. Seems as if anytime we come to this place, we see everyone fiercely swatting at these irritating little pests.

When we arrived the campground was quite empty. By the holiday weekend the place had completely filled up. Looking online at the other State Parks, we saw that all of them were pretty full. It is good to see how popular camping is. It is not good for us when we have no reservations. We were lucky to find a spot on such short notice this year.

On Labor Day almost everyone packed up and headed home. The camper parade headed for the dump station was extremely long. We were glad we had made the decision to stay another day.

Parade to Sanitation Station

That afternoon, we had a rather large storm pass through the campground. The rain came down hard, the wind kicked up and we even lost our power. Our family all stopped by to visit just as the first rain drop hit the ground. We all piled into the RV along with a couple of rather large dogs. The place was tight, hot and muggy. But, it sure was nice to see our kids again. Terri was having “Grandma” withdrawals. (see previous post)

Bay City State Park Bay City State Park

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We are Grandparents!

Terri and I would like to welcome this precious little angel into our lives. Her name is Arlington Marie Enright. This is our first grandchild. We are so proud. Good job, Jason and Becky.


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Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

Once again we are not ready to go home yet. This seems to happen quite often now-days. We have returned again to Outdoor Adventures in Standish. Upon our arrival we ran into a couple of our friends, Jason and Wendy. They had just arrived with their young son who looked real excited. I have known that they come to this campground for sometime now but haven’t had the chance to meet up with them until now.

The campground was pretty full. There were no full hookups available, so we chose a site where are RV was close enough to reach the dump station next to us to run a hose. Some say this was cheating. I say it was luck.

Not much to write about since most of our day is spent at work. We return in the evening to the campground. This beats going home to the house where I am sure the grass needs to be cut. I will just not think about it. Like they say “out of sight, out of mind”.

After a week of being next to the dump station we decided to move away from the stench. It wasn’t bad this first half of the week while it was raining out but when the sun came out it got a little rough.

We walked around looking for a new site. We discovered the people in a site we really like were to be going home the next day according to the tag on their RV. We introduced ourselves. Their names were Karen and Jay. They were nice enough to give us a heads up the next day when they pulled out so that we could move into their spot. Thanks again to these fine people.

After the move we met up with  my brother-in-law Jerry and sister-in-law Ellen. They have been lucky enough to get a site near ours just minutes earlier that day.

We did happen to have a couple of other events happen while we were there. One bad, one good and one REAL GOOD!

The bad: our fire wood was stolen. We have never had any problems here. This is a members only park. You gotta be some kinda real low life to steal someone else’s campfire wood. Lets face it we are only talking a few bucks for a bundle of wood. Just ask me for some and I would be more that happy to offer it to you. This just frustrates me to even write about it now. So on to the good.

The Good: while playing Putt-Putt Golf with my wife and brother & sister-in-law, I got a Hole-In-One!!! I was pretty happy.

Now for the REAL GOOD news. This news is so good it deserves it’s own post, so will will need wait a bit. Sorry.

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South Higgins Lake State Park

BugSamcker CampfireI want to begin by saying that we have never camped at this state park before. We have heard other campers say how nice it is and we have even driven through it to check it out. We, however, have never actually stayed here. We are now wondering why it has taken us so long.

This park is extremely popular and we now know the reason. It is a wonderful place.  Some of the campsites are quite large. A few are pull-through sites and some campsites even have full hook-ups. There is plenty of shade. The is also plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied as well.

South Higgins Lake State Park has 400 campsites. Because of the sheer volume of campers here, the park can become a bit loud at times. That has to be expected. We had no complaints except for the occasional lonely dog who has become homesick for his people who are down at the beach. There are however a couple of dog beaches if Fido would like to join you for a dip.

The beach is nice and goes out a long way into the lake without dropping off. The water is clean, except for the possibility of acquiring Swimmers Itch. Swimmer’s itch is an allergic reaction to microscopic parasites that burrow into your skin. This can be quite bothersome. “It’s like a room full of mosquitoes biting you all at the same time”. Because of this we did not go into the water.

This year the park has a brand new boat launch. It has a small inlet to secure your boat. There is even a boat wash with a free power sprayer to use to clean off your boat. This is in an effort to  prevent the spread of invasive species into the inland lakes. Rowboat, canoe, paddle boat, small motorboat and pontoon rentals are available as well.

Saturday on our way into town we discovered a local Fire Department having a BBQ. We stopped for a bite. Not only was the food remarkable but we were able to support our firemen as well.

Firehouse BBQ  Firehouse BBQ  South Higgins State Park South Higgins State Park

We really enjoyed ourselves at the South Higgins State Park. We will be returning soon and often.

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