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Pettit Park

This seems to be happening more often to us these days. On our way home from a long enjoyable trip, we decide at the last minute that enough doesn’t seem to be enough and this time was no different. We were driving home when out of the blue I Clare MIasked Terri if she really wanted to go back now. That was a dumb question because I knew what her answer would be when I asked it. We stopped in Clare, Michigan to add a few more days to our trip.

We stopped in Clare, Michigan to add a few more days to our trip. This place seems to be more of an add-on trip than a destination. Never the less, this little town has quite a bit to offer.


Cops and Doughnuts

The town has 2 micro breweries, several fast-food places, a spectacular little hamburger joint, some great bar food, and one of the best doughnut shops you will find anywhere.

We discovered a new place to eat this time around. It is a bar called Ruckle’s Pier on the south end of town. We passed it by on several occasions in the past but this time, we decided to give it a try. We are both really glad we did. The food was great and the prices were even better. I ordered some Nachos and Terri got some Chips with Queso. We ended up topping the nachos with the homemade queso and ended up with a meal that was out of this world.

OK, enough talk about food. Here, take a look out our back window at the scenic view we have. We are actually downtown but have a deep woods experience.




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Burt Lake State Park

Once again, it is time to gather for our annual 4th of July potluck. This year we are at Burt Lake State Park. We were here last year for the Labor Day weekend and fell in love with this place. It is centrally located in a great part of Michigan which allows us to easily get to Petoskey, the Pigeon River Country State Forest area, the Straits area and Mackinac Island.

This state park is really nice and the site we chose is awesome. There are some great places to eat nearby. The weather has also been terrific. I really can’t think of anything bad about this place.

Yesterday, my Mom, Dad, Terri and I all took a trip to Mackinac Island. It has been many, many years since my parents had been to the island. They were both pretty excited to go.

If fact with all the excitement, I neglected to take a single photo to capture the moment. I am really disappointed in myself. So below, I created a rendition of what the photo would have looked like (if I would have remembered to take one) of us all going to the island.


Mackinac Island Trip

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The Cabin

tippyTerri and I decided to spend father’s day weekend up at my Dad’s cabin on Wixom Lake in Michigan. After tearing up his lawn and nearly putting my RV in the ditch, we finally got it into our campsite.

We did enjoy this site. The lake here is quite peaceful during the week and is a good place to relax. However, I needed to wait until after we left the area to update this post. The cell signals and internet connectivity are next to nill up there.

Another problem I found is the outhouse. It was a bit on the small size.


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Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

We checked into the Saginaw Bay Outdoor Adventures Resort the week just before school let out for the summer and the park filled up with people.Saginaw Bay Resort

We found a nice end site with full hookups. The only downside was that the electric for this site was only 30amp. This is usually not a problem except the temperature outside is now pushing 100 degrees. The 30amp line meant that we could only run one AC unit.

The next night a storm passed through. This lowered the temperature and humidity quite at bit afterward. The rain pushed most people into their campers to ride out the storm. However, the people next to us just grabbed all their beer, huddled under the camper awning and continued partying into the wee morning hours.

The second week at the park we had to go to work during the day. We really don’t mind this as we can return in the evening to enjoy being away from home (and away from all the household chores).

One morning before work, I went out to dump the tanks. When I opened the valve the hose sprayed water from a small slash in the side. On the plus side, I did notice that the grass had been freshly weed whacked around my RV. I mentioned that my sewer hose had gotten damaged to a park worker that morning. He said he would leave a note for the park manager. I returned that evening after work to find a brand new hose installed on my RV. That was very nice of them.

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Traverse City State Park

On the Friday of the Memorial Holiday weekend the state park workers were still mowing, weed whacking, blowing and raking leaves. Did they not know the holiday was approaching and that the park was going to be packed with campers?

During one of my walks around the park, I ran into Charlotte Kiefer, the Park Supervisor for Traverse City State Park. When I asked why the park hadn’t been ready prior to our arrival, I was told they were working until it started to rain on Friday. She explained that the late spring snow and some water main problems got them off to slow start this year. I am glad I got the chance to talk to her and even more appreciative that she took the time to explain these things to me.

Weeds Weeds

Our campsite never did get mowed before or during our stay. The weeds were higher than the campfire ring. They did show up to mow on the day of our departure.

Weeds Weeds

The pollen was extremely bad over the weekend, as you can see by our windshield on the truck.


Saturday, we ran over to the Underground Cheesecake shop only to discover that they were sold out of cheesecake. Go figure!

On the plus side, the weather was a lot better than we expected it was going to be. It rained but not very often. When it did rain it was brief and followed shortly by the sun.

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