The RV Adventures of Bug Smacker

Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Park

I called ahead to see if Soaring Eagle RV park offered discounted rates this late in the season. I spoke to a very friendly guy who was able to offer me a very good rate. We have wanted to stay at this place since they opened, but the cost was a bit steep for our tastes. The rate I was offered this weekend was a lot easier to swallow.

When we arrived the park was quite empty. Just a few RVs and most of the occupants were gone (most likely at the casino). We expected this was going to be a quiet and peaceful weekend. How wrong we were!

Central Michigan UniversityLittle did we know that this weekend would bring a campground full of loud and rowdy football fans. This happens to be the weekend for the Homecoming Football Game at Central Michigan University. Friday night the town filled up and so did our nice peaceful little RV park. There was yelling, screaming and partying all night long, every night! The park rules specifically state that they do not allow this type of behavior in the park. Then again, the office closes at 7 PM so there is no one around to do anything about it. So just let the party begin.

The park itself is pretty nice. It is well kept. The is a general store, a bathhouse, kids play area, clubhouse, laundry facilities and hiking trails. There is a small lake with boat rentals. They provide a free shuttle service to the Soaring Eagle Waterpark, Waabooz Run Golf Course, and Soaring Eagle Casino from the campground.

The campsites are paved and pretty much level. Each site has a fire pit, grill and picnic table. They offer 30 and some 50 amp electrical sites. There is water, sewer and WiFi. The WiFi signal is strong with no dropouts. The WiFi signal is, however, turned down pretty slow.Pixie

For lunch today we stopped into Pixie’s here in Mt. Pleasant. We have been here lots of times before. I have eaten lots of Pixies before. This is, however, the first time I have been officially inducted into the Pixie Hall Of Fame. Not a huge event for me, I just really love the Pixies.

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There goes the Neighborhood

Every once in a while you run into those campers who don’t want to play nice. They don’t realize that there are other people who share the same space as they do. They don’t understand how their behavior affects those around them.

Meet our new neighbors. We were first introduced when we heard a kid screaming out of the RV windows “I see it, I see our campsite, It’s over there!” from across the park. Then we see a 1960’s Winnebago come to a screeching stop in front of us. It quickly backs into the empty site next to us. With a couple puffs of smoke and several knocks the engine comes to a screeching halt. The dad jumps out of the driver’s seat and barrels out the door. He is a bald shirtless tubby guy with a cigarette dangling from his face.  Next, one of the kids jumps out of the RV. This is a boy with an orange Mohawk haircut who I am sure has just finished a 12 pack of some sort of energy drink.  He is running in circles like a dog chasing its tail as he grunts.

The two of them set the jacks, plug in the cord and yank the awning out. The father then hollers to the kid “I think we set some kind of new world record or something, bet we could do it a minute quicker next time”. They reward themselves with a huge High-Five.

After the rig is now apparently set up and ready to go, the mother comes out of the RV. You would have had to have been here to understand what I saw next. Let me just say that her shorts were so tight that I thought her cheeks were going to pop, at least the portion of cheek bubble that was bulging out from the bottom of her shorts. I am not even sure how she managed to walk. She hands the guy a beer and then returns to the RV.

A couple of minutes later we have the pleasure of enjoying the thunderous sound of country music like we never heard it before, emerging from their RV. That evening I see the guy pouring a half a can of gasoline onto a huge pile of wood that covered their entire fire pit. The moment that he flicked his cigarette into the pit I could feel the temperature outside rise 20 degrees as a fireball shot into the air.

The old neighbors we had were nothing like this. They were quiet and boring. I sure do miss our old neighbors.

As they say “there goes the neighborhood!”

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Stop Slamming the Tent Door

Tent camping is not even in the same ballpark as RVing. It takes a special kind of person to stay in a tent. Modern RVs are now pretty much just like small homes on wheels. Tents now days are pretty much just like well tents. Living in a tent is not unlike hanging a sheet over a tree and calling it home.tent

One of the obvious problems with camping in a tent is how impervious it is to inclement weather. Tents leak. Some more than others, but water will always find its way into a tent. You may not get soaked. Your air mattress may not even float off the floor. But following any good stiff rain all your stuff will definitely have that damp musty feel.

Another challenge to tent camping is finding a place for all your stuff. Unlike a RV you really don’t have any closets or cabinets to store things in. Other than a Tenter’s cell phone which you will most likely find hanging out of the electrical hookup box, the rest of a Tent Camper’s stuff can only be kept in 3 places. The places are: the tent, a pile on the picnic table or just to keep things in the car. Your tent will only hold so much. The table is exposed to the weather. So that leaves your vehicle as your primary source to keep your valuables.

This leads me to my next subject. Tent campers tend to be a noisy bunch. I can’t blame them personally, it comes with the territory. Due to the lack of insulation in the construction of most tents, noise tends to travel outside the walls of a tent. In other words, what happens in a tent doesn’t necessarily stay in a tent. Also remember what I said about Tenter’s keeping most of their stuff in their vehicles? So if you have ever camped next to a Tent Camper you will agree that the sound of car doors slamming 24 hours a day can become extremely annoying.

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Bay City State Park

Once again this year we have found ourselves at the Bay City State Park. And once again we have found ourselvesmosquito spending most of our time indoors because of the extremely bad mosquito infestation problem here. It is really a shame that the bugs are so bad here. Seems as if anytime we come to this place, we see everyone fiercely swatting at these irritating little pests.

When we arrived the campground was quite empty. By the holiday weekend the place had completely filled up. Looking online at the other State Parks, we saw that all of them were pretty full. It is good to see how popular camping is. It is not good for us when we have no reservations. We were lucky to find a spot on such short notice this year.

On Labor Day almost everyone packed up and headed home. The camper parade headed for the dump station was extremely long. We were glad we had made the decision to stay another day.

Parade to Sanitation Station

That afternoon, we had a rather large storm pass through the campground. The rain came down hard, the wind kicked up and we even lost our power. Our family all stopped by to visit just as the first rain drop hit the ground. We all piled into the RV along with a couple of rather large dogs. The place was tight, hot and muggy. But, it sure was nice to see our kids again. Terri was having “Grandma” withdrawals. (see previous post)

Bay City State Park Bay City State Park

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We are Grandparents!

Terri and I would like to welcome this precious little angel into our lives. Her name is Arlington Marie Enright. This is our first grandchild. We are so proud. Good job, Jason and Becky.


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