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The RV Show USA

the-rv-showI’d like to give a shout-out to all of our RV friends. I have been invited to chat about HitchUpandGo on The RV Show USA radio program. The program will broadcast Sunday 1/22/17nat 1 PM (ET). If would like to check it out, here is the link: http://thervshowusa.com/rv-show-podcast/


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Keep it Clean

Residing in the state of Michigan exposes us to a lot of news about drinking water problems lately. In fact, people outside of the state of Michigan, in the past would associate this location with popular places like Detroit, Grand Rapids or possibly even Traverse City. Now everyone just says “ are you by Flint?”

Flint has gotten a lot of exposure due to the water problems the city has been having. Not to take anything away from Flint’s issues but there are quite a few other places in this country that have water problems as well.

When you are setting up camping in a new location you never know what the water quality in the area is like. That is why we always use a quality made Water Filter. The filter improves the taste and clarity of water coming into your rig. It will also help protect your RV plumbing from the buildup of contaminants. We not only install it when we have water at our site, we use it to filter the water when we fill our fresh water tanks. I try to install the water filter as close to the water source as I can. That way I can keep as much of my water system clean as possible.

In the past, we have used the small RV type inline filters. These worked OK. We did, however, find that if the water was bad enough, these filters wouldn’t last the entire length of our stay.

Lately, we have been using the larger Universal Whole House type filter. They last longer between changes and you can replace the filters inside with different types if you like. You just need to purchase a couple of hose adapters to attach your water hose.

Water Filter

Water Filter

Water Filter

Water Filter


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122 Days on the Road

CampsiteWe started out the summer camping season pretty much like any other year. For Memorial Day we camped in Traverse City, Michigan as we have done for the last several years. Following the holiday weekend, we headed to Standish instead of going home. After staying there for a couple of weeks we decided to hop over to a new campground to fill the gap until our next planned trip which was at Burt Lake State Park on the 4th Of July.

This is about the time we decided that we wouldn’t be going home for the rest of the summer. We still had to go to work throughout the summer, so our arrangement was this. Since my job requires me to drive great distances to various locations, my starting point really didn’t matter so much. Terri, on the other hand, agreed to drive up to 1 hour each way to get to work. This gave us an area radius to pick places to camp from.

We didn’t want to stay in one location all summer. We also decided that we wanted to stay in small towns and camp long enough in each one to see exactly what each one had to offer. This turned out to be a great plan. We stayed in places like Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Bay City, Beaverton, Midland, and Frankenmuth.

We were gone from home a total of 122 days this summer. From the end of May until the end of September we continued to travel and explore. In this time Terri and I had a blast. We discovered some relly amazing parks, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, festivals, parades and other things. We can’t say that we ever got homesick. Sure there are some benefits to being back home but none that would prevent us from doing this more “full-time”.


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Little River Casino RV Park

For my dad’s birthday, I promised him a trip up to Little River for the All-you-can-eat Crab Leg Buffet. Let me tell you that he was not disappointed. We were also joined by our sweet little Granddaughter. She was so excited to be able to spend the night at Grandpa’s House. It was a 2 hour trip up to Manistee filled with Nursery Rymes , laughter and non-stop conversation by our little Arleigh.

Little River littleriver2 ice_cream





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Valley Plaza RV Resort

Valley PlazaWe chose to stay at Valley Plaza a few days between stops. We like the fact that they have an indoor pool and hot tub. However, it really saddens us to see just how run down this place has become. We understand that the place has changed ownership several times in the past year or two. We just wish someone would acquire it and return it to the glory that it had been in the past. When I asked if I could speak to someone about the condition of the place. I was told, ” you don’t want to waste your time, he is a slumlord and doesn’t care.”

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