RV Adventures with Bug Smacker

Warranty Trip to Dealer

The Bug Smacker is currently at the dealership for some necessary warranty repairs.

More on this when I get the final details of how it went.


Sick Bug Smacker

Little River Casino RV Park

Terri and I took my parents up to Little River Casino to celebrate my father’s birthday. He really enjoys crab legs and so the Big Lake Buffet’s Prime Rib & Crab Leg special on Saturday night is always a treat for him. Of course, Terri and I don’t mind going either….LOL

It is a bit of a drive so we always take the Bug Smacker with us so we don’t need to stay in the hotel. Nothing better than having your own bed to sleep in.

Prime Rib & Crab Leg Buffet

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Harrisville State Park

Terri and I have heard of how nice this park was for years now. A couple of years ago when the state revamped its reservation website and added photos of campsites, we even got to see what all the hype was about.

We always said that if we could ever get a site right on the water that we would grab it up. A couple of weeks ago it became a reality when Terri was lucky enough to be on the reservation website and catch a cancelation as it occurred.

Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park

Harrisville State Park has a lot of things to rave about, but only if you are one of the lucky few to get right on the water. When I say right on the water, I mean literally “right on the water”. Some of them are directly on the lakeshore of Lake Huron. We found it to be pretty awesome as we had never found a spot this close to the water’s edge in a campground before. To make it even more incredible, a storm had passed through the area earlier and the wind had now picked up. This made for some pretty large waves coming in from the east. There were white caps as far as the eye could see.

Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park

For those who are not lucky enough to score one of these premium campsites, I would say the park is pretty basic at best. The restrooms are clean and modern. The campsites are older, dirt and some are quite small. The beach is nice and has a handicap ramp.

As for the nearby area, there really isn’t much to be found. The town is really quite small. You will need to travel about 30 miles to find the nearest McDonalds.

Some reviews we have read about this park have stated the cell service is pretty bad yet we had no problems with our Verizon signal.

I would return again but only if we were lucky enough to grab one of the waterfront sites.

Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park Harrisville State Park

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Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace

Arch RockIt is time to go to Mackinac Island for our annual bike ride around the island. This is the perfect time of year to ride on the island. The bugs, the people and the temperature are all less than they were earlier in the year.

We set up camp at the casino then hopped on a ferry and made the trip to the island. We are only here for one day so there is a lot to do before we head out in the morning.

It is so nice having our own bikes to ride this year. The new bikes make the ride so much better. Its one of those things we should have done years ago but never did.

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Woodland Park

We are doing an over-niter at Woodland Park in Grand Marais, Michigan. This was a detour between Ste. Sault Marie and St. Ignace. We love this little town.

We arrived to find the campground was quiet and peaceful but the waves along the shoreline of Lake Superior were really starting to pound against the beach with a vengeance.

Terri and I ran into town for dinner to eat at the West Bay Diner. You wouldn’t think of much from this place but the food is really quite good. Everything is super fresh.

The next morning we packed up to head to St. Ignace and then on to the island.

Woodland Park

Woodland Park

Woodland Park

Woodland Park

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