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Space Invaders

Not sure why people can’t seem to stay out of my personal space. Seems like everywhere I go people just have a need to invade my zone. It is like I have this orbit around me and these irritating little asteroids just keep zipping in and out of it.

The other day we went over to Mackinac Island. As most of you are well aware, there are no cars allowed on the island. There are, however, tons of bicycles everywhere. As, like guns, I don’t believe that bikes are the problem. People Mackinac Island Bicyclesthat operate them are the problem. I was always instructed that bicycles (like automobiles) need to obey the rules of the road. If this is the case then beware of the drivers that I encountered on the island that day. The drivers of these cars will be darting across traffic, passing in blind corners, driving on the wrong side of the road, texting while driving, putting dogs on their steering wheels, stopping for no apparent reason, turning without signaling, tailgating, yelling, screaming, swearing, and even allowing kids to drive. Other than this, we had quite a pleasant little bike ride around the island that afternoon.

The next day we spent relaxing at our campsite at the State Park. Or at least we tried to relax. Let me explain. We had a large paved, pull-through site. Sounds good so far. Let me continue. Our campsite began on one side of the loop and sliced through the campground loop somewhere towards the middle to the other side. In other words, our campsite was a shortcut for those on the other side of the campground wishing to get to the bathrooms. Because it was paved, I think most people mistook it for a road. I mean that people must have actually thought that we were camping in the middle of a road. This trespassing problem was not just limited to a random kid or two. The invasion was from kids, dogs, moms, dads and people of all ages. I finally decided that if I can’t beat them, then I would join them. Or at the very least try and beat them at their own game.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Here was my solution…

Pay the Toll

Pay the Toll



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Little River Casino RV Park

Little River Casino RV ParkOn the way home from the U.P. we thought it would be fun to stop at Little River Casino for the weekend. It really wasn’t on the way but this is one of the places we like to try to get to every year. So away we went.

We usually come to Little River early in the year. In the spring the RV park is mostly empty. When we arrived this time, we found the place packed. We were lucky to even get a site. There was only 1 spot available to accommodate us for the 2 nights we were going to be there.

We couldn’t wait to get a pizza from Big Al’s. Not only do they have a really great pizza but we haven’t had any pizza our entire trip. I don’t even think they have pizza north of the bridge. At least I didn’t see any pizza places in our travels up there. The pizza from Big Al’s was everything we thought it would be.

On our way into town we discovered that Manistee now has a new Meijer store. We drove right by it on our way to the little Wesco store that we always visit. The people at this little store are super nice and the bakery is to die for.

While at Little River we spend time in the hot tub, the pool, around the community firepit and feeding the hungry slot machines (they sure seemed to enjoy what we were feeding them because it didn’t take them long to gobble it all up.)

On Saturday evening we stopped into the Willows Buffet for a bite to eat. It was Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet night. It has been a whole week since we had all you can eat prime rib and crab legs and we couldn’t wait. The meal was fabulous. In fact I would have to say that besides the crab legs, the rest of the buffet was better than Kewadin’s.

To wrap up our evening we kicked back in the The Grove lounge to listen to a local band perform. I will have to admit though that most of our entertainment came from the audience in the club. You know your typical: old man trying to dance, two young guys hitting on the same young lady, drunk girl yelling her entire life story to the whole bar and the old lady who could shake her “THANG” better than anyone else on the floor. It really was a fun filled evening.


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Mackinaw City Camp Ground

Mackinaw City Camp GroundWe decided to take off early and head down to Mackinaw City. We still had another night booked here in Tahquamenon Falls State Park, but with all the commotion in the campground we thought we would take our chances on grabbing a last minute spot down state.

We pulled into Mackinaw City Camp Ground to find that there were still a couple of spots open. We usually have pretty good luck with this place. Only problem is that the more I write about it, the more popular it becomes. So I will be stopping my focus on this place now.

As the sun went down and the moon came up we took the short drive out the Headlands. This is an International Dark Sky Park. It is a pretty cool place to watch the sky light up after dark. We saw Saturn amongst the hundreds of other stars in the sky. We also saw what seemed to be a shooting star that slowly traveled across the entire portion of sky that was visible to us there. Although it may have been something else too……the thought is pretty incredible if you think about it.

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Tahquamenon Rivermouth

Tahquamenon Falls State ParkTahquamenon Falls State ParkWe arrived to the park late in the evening. The front check-in was closed, so we just drove right in. The park was completely full except for our spot. There was an orange pylon reserving our site. Sounds like this is becoming a pattern since there was only one spot left when we pulled into our last campsite.

Setup was quite simple since we had already filled with fresh water before leaving the last park. Here we only had electric to hook up and jacks to set. The site was a paved, pull-through so that made things even that much easier.

As we looked around the campground we noticed that it was filled with mostly tents and pop-up trailers. They were on dirt sites that were about half the size of our site. We had made this reservation sight-unseen. We had no idea what we had purchased beforehand. We looked back at our rig all set-up on our huge, paved, 50amp site and felt exceptionally privileged (and maybe a bit spoiled as well).Tahquamenon Falls

The next day we got reports that most of state of Michigan was experiencing extremely bad weather. The was heavy rain, hail, strong winds and even tornados. The Mackinac Bridge, which we had just left yesterday, was now closed. This was due to 60 MPH plus winds causing a couple of vehicles to overturn on the bridge. We heard that there were power outages everywhere. Up here, it never even rained. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

During our time spent at Tahquamenon we visited both the upper and lower falls, Whitefish Point, we ate at the Berry Patch Restaurant and did some exploring. We even found a little spot to sit and enjoy a view of Lake Superior as we listened to the waves splash against its shoreline.

Paradise Berry Patch Gifts, Bakery, & Restaurant Whitefish Point Lighthouse

Our Little Spot


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Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace

Since we discovered this place last year, the casino RV park has become a popular weekend spot. Even with the RV site rate increasing from $10 to $15 dollars per night, the lot fills up fast. There were even rigs dry camping in the lot next to us.

Knowing that this place would fill up, we decided to make reservations for a site ahead of time. We booked a campsite early last winter. Good thing we did. When we arrived there was only one small end site left with a reservation sign on it. You would think that making a reservation would allow you a better spot. I guess to the front desk all the sites are the same.

Kawadin Casino St Ignace Kawadin Casino St Ignace Kawadin Casino St Ignace

About a week ago we got a phone call from the casino saying that they were canceling the reservation we had made. I found out later that they scheduled a demolition derby to be held that same weekend. The event was to be held in the lot next to the campsites. This made all previous reservations null-and-void. When I called the reservation desk about this they were kind enough to push our reservation up a week. They also gave us a free night stay. ( However, this perk was only provided to us when I did a bit of pleading with them over the phone.)

To back the clock up a bit, before we ever even crossed the Mackinac Bridge into St. Ignace, we stopped in Mackinaw City to grab a bite to eat. We found a spot downtown to park the rig in and headed over to The Keyhole Bar & Grill. We really enjoy the Beer battered shrimp plate they have there. Keyhole Bar & Grill

After dinner we stopped into Murdicks Fudge shop in downtown Mackinaw City to get some Mackinac Island Fudge.  We have always liked Murdicks over the other fudge shops. That is until now. The girl in the shop refused to give us the piece of fudge we desired. She said that she was only allowed to get the ones in the back of the case for customers. We found that hard to believe. When I asked for her name so that I could include it in this blog post, with a smug grin and smart ass attitude she said it was  Kelsi with an “I”. Well Kelsi with an “I”, you have now driven away a truly devoted couple of customers. We even made it a point to welcome Murdicks into Frankenmuth the day they opened shop down there. Sorry to now see them drop off our list. Joann’s fudge is starting to look pretty awesome now.

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island The next day we went over to Mackinac Island for our annual bike trip around the island. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Next we took a horse drawn carriage ride. We had a ton of fun. The carriage driver was quite humorous.Kewadin Casino

When we returned back to our RV that evening we were quite hungry, so we headed down to the casino restaurant to enjoy the Saturday night seafood buffet. This was all part of the game plan. The meal was indescribably magnificent.

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