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Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Once again we find ourselves enjoying “Life at the Beach”. It is no wonder why we love this place so much and find ourselves coming back year after year after year. In fact last year we booked this spot for our Spring Vacation up until the year 2020. When we arrived here Terri and I looked at each other and remarked how it felt like we were home now.

campsite campsite campsite  campsite Splash Pool

We enjoy getting a campsite right up front on the ocean. That way we can enjoy the sounds of the waves all night long from our trailer. It is so tranquil. During the day we can stroll over to the beach, spread a blanket, pitch an umbrella and relax as we dig our feet into the warm sand. You can feel the cool ocean breeze as the sun beats down and toasts your bellies. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

It was a real shame to hear stories from back in Michigan of how nasty the weather was while we were here in paradise.

myrtle beach

After a long day of doing…well nothing, a person tends to get a bit hungry. Don’t worry there are plenty of great places to eat around here. One of our favorites is The Original Benjamins Calabash Seafood Buffet. We never miss a chance to eat here. Terri and I both can put away our fair share of crab legs and this is the place to do it.

 Benjamins Calabash Seafood 

Another place we went to was the Nacho Hippo. We had tried it for the first time last year and I really was not impressed. This year our friends, Jeff and Linda, wanted to try it. So we went again. I ordered the Bangin’ Shrimp. This meal changed my whole opinion of the place. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by this item that we ended up going back for seconds a few days after our friends returned home.

Nacho Hippo

Speaking of friends, we had several of them to hang out with this year. Jeff and Linda came down from Michigan and stayed at a hotel near our resort. Ashley and Dillon also came up from Charleston to stay the weekend again with us this year.

jeff-linda ashley-dillon

We got a chance to catch up with Jim & Kathee and Jerry & Laurie as well. They tend to come to the beach around the same time each year that we do and it is always a pleasure to see them. (Remember: same time, same place next year guys!) Can’t wait to see ya.


Here are a couple of snapshots I took while getting fueled up at the gas station that just tickled my fancy showing how warm it was out and how cheap the fuel was down here.

83 diesel-price


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The race is on, we are right on the leading edge of a storm that is sweeping across the nation. And it is is a big one. Earlier this morning we encountered over 4 inches of… (you may want to cover the ears of the young ones cause I am going to use a 4 letter word now) …SNOW.

Doesn’t Mother Nature know it is spring now?


We left our home in Michigan around 3 PM this afternoon. The storm front was right on our tail as we headed south towards Myrtle Beach. We were lucky enough to encounter mostly wet roads. As the temperatures fell we knew the roads would ice over. It ended up snowing as far south as West Virginia. We did pretty good time and made our destination for the night. Tamarack is a great spot to do an Over-Nighter.

snow tamarack


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New Keyless Door Lock from RVLOCK

After having a Keyless Door Lock on our previous RV, we were sad to discover that this was not an option on our new trailer. You may not think this is much of a necessity, but until you have one you won’t know how much of a convenience it really is.

We all need to think about security a bit more these days. The news is just full of things that make you fear for your safety. I remember my grandfather once saying “I never used to lock my door, I didn’t want them to break it down”. Well, I actually had this experience; I did lock my door and they did kick it in. I really don’t RVLOCKthink if I had left it unlocked they would have just turned and left me alone. I personally think locks are quite important.

I don’t need to explain how spending time in your RV is much different than living in your house, I’m sure you are already aware of this. But in your RV, the great outdoors is more like an extension of your indoor living area. Everyone travels in and out of the RV quite frequently. Because of this leaving your RV without a physical key is a great idea.

A Keyless Door Lock keypad makes life much easier. Think of going to the beach. Think of having an arm full of groceries. Think of allowing every family member to have their own “virtual” key.

After searching for a solution for our situation I kept coming up with RVLOCK. This company seems to be the hands-down best choice when it comes to upgrading your RV locks.

The product we got from RVLOCK is a solidly made assembly with a heavy-duty steel locking mechanism. The faceplate has a weather resistant powder coated exterior finish with a weather seal. The inside handle is made of plastic. The lock features an integrated 8-digit keypad. This particular model also included a 4 button remote fob. You lock and unlock the door with just the push of a button before you even get to it.

The installation was as easy as described in the product description. It literally took just a few minutes to remove the old lock and install this new one. I would like to note that when fitting the lock assembly into the door opening, make sure that the deadbolt is retracted allowing the assembly to more easily fit. Also, after the installation, the door was a bit hard to close. I discovered that by applying some light grease to all sides of the door latch mechanism, it became much easier.

Overall I think the RVLOCK is a pretty good product and I am glad we installed it on our new RV.


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Installation of TadiBrothers Backup RV Camera on a Furrion mount

Since we decided to upgrade our RV backup camera from a Furrion to a TadiBrothers system, I had to find out how to mount both the camera as well as the monitor. The whole project sounded much more difficult than it proved to actually be once I figured it out. Let me show you how it can be done.

Let’s start with the camera.

TadiBrothers makes an adapter plate but I found that I really did not need it.

The Furrion mount is secured to the trailer by 4 screws. Begin by removing these screws.

Next, remove the cover on the mount. The bracket for the TadiBrothers Camera with fit right into this mount once the cover is removed.

Now I secured the bracket to the mount using 2 small bolts with a couple of large washers. On the backside, I used a small piece of metal (but large washers could have worked here as well).



(NOTE: TadiBrothers include a rubber grommet on the cable which they inform me can be made to fit into the hole in the bracket. However, I wasted a bunch of time trying to make it fit so I simply cut it off and tossed it. The Y-split on the cable was also too large to fit through the hole in the bracket so I needed to shave it down a little with a knife.)

I then just pushed the wire into the back of the mount and attached the camera head.


On the trailer, I wired the pigtail from the new camera to the existing wire coming out of the wall. TadiBrothers also makes an adapter but I found it just as easy to splice the wires together.



After sealing the hole around the wire, I installed the mount with the previous 4 screws.


Now to mount the monitor.

This was actually quite easy. I discovered that this Scosche Magnetic Window Mount works perfectly. The magnet attaches to the metal strip on the rear of the TadiBrothers 7″ monitor.

monitor mount mount

The whole project took a bit longer than it would have if I had used the Furrion camera but it was worth the extra effort to get a better camera.


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Furrion vs TadiBrothers RV Backup Camera Comparison

Our new RV came equipped with a rear camera mount. The mount was preinstalled at the factory and was provided to the manufacturer by Furrion. The Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL or a Furrion Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL can be easily installed to this mount in just a few minutes. We chose to purchase a Furrion Vision 2 because of its advanced features over the Vision 1 FRC12TAPK-BL.

We have also heard quite a few good things about the TadiBrothers cameras. So we decided to check it out as well. There are a lot of different models to choose from on their website. We got a TadiBrothers model 90113 Digital Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor for RV. We will now compare the TadiBrothers system to the Furrion system we purchased earlier.

Here is a head-to-head comparison between the Furrion and TadiBrothers backup cameras.

Here are the contents of the Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL:

Furrion Backup Camera Furrion Backup Camera

Here are the contents of the TadiBrothers model 90113:

TadiBrothers Backup Camera TadiBrothers Backup Camera

Here are the specs of the Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL:
Monitor Size: 4.3”
Display Resolution- 480
Audio: No
Wireless Range: 100ft
Housing Material: Plastic

Here are the specs of the TadiBrothers model 90113:
Monitor Size: 7”
Display Resolution- 720
Audio: Yes
Wireless Range: 100ft
Housing Material: Die Cast Aluminum

Here is a sample rear-view image straight from the camera.

Rear View Image

This is a sample of the same image produced by the Furrion Vision 2 FOS48TA-BL:

Furrion Sample Image

This is a sample of the same image produced by the TadiBrothers model 90113:

TadiBrothers Sample Image

Conclusion: Even though the Furrion would have installed directly to the mount that came with our new RV, we chose to go with the TadiBrothers camera system. The TadiBrothers camera had a better image quality, a larger display and even included audio (that way the driver can hear the obstacle he sees in the camera as he crashes into it).


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