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Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace

Terri and I made it up to the Mackinaw Bridge for the weekend. We stayed just north of the bridge in St. Ignace at the Kewadin Casino.Kewadin Casino St Ignace

We usually do not come up here this time of year. The Mackinaw area is a very popular place in the middle of summer. We had a difficult time finding any spots to stay this weekend.

We have never camped at this casino before. It isn’t much of a campground. If you are looking for a place where the family can sit around a campfire and toast marshmallows, this is not the place for you. The campsites consist of electric and water hookups on poles that are located around the perimeter of a parking lot. Some of them include a picnic table. The WiFi from the hotel is to far away to be of any use. They do offer a dump station. You can also enjoy a dip in the hotel pool.

Java Joes Cafe  Java Joes Cafe Crab LegsSaturday morning Terri and I stopped into Java Joe’s Cafe for breakfast. We have never been there before. The place is quite small and has absolutely no parking. It was jammed with people. I can see why. The staff and food was excellent!

That afternoon we did some sightseeing. For dinner we returned to the Dream Catchers restaurant located inside the casino. Tonight they offered the Land and Seafood Buffet, which features fresh crab legs and prime rib. I was in heaven. Terri is not much of a meat eater herself, but she even had some of the prime rib along with the piles of crab legs we both devoured.

Lookin BackLookin BackIn the evening we headed back over the bridge to Mackinaw City. We stopped to listen to a Bob Seger Tribute Band by the name of “Lookin’ Back” who was playing at the Amphitheater in the Conkling Heritage Park. We met a woman from Howell Michigan who was enjoying a little time by herself while her husband took their small children back to the hotel for a while. She was really enjoying her “Me” time. We also met a couple from Colorado who were in the area sightseeing.

Terri and I left the park and headed over to the Mackinaw Crossings. As we entered we heard someone singing from the stage. We went over to check it out. To our astonishment, it was a young woman with an incredible talent. Her voice reminded me of a young Jewel. She sang and played guitar. We were both rather impressed. After the show, I went over find out more about her. I spoke with her father. I found out her name was Sydni Kann and that she was only 13 years old. Mark my words, this girl has the talent to make it in the music business.

Mackinaw Island Mackinaw IslandSunday we took a ferry over to Mackinaw Island. There we rented a couple of bicycles and took a ride around the island. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

Monday was go-home-day. We stopped into Clyde’s Drive-in for a bite to eat. Once again this was a new place for us to visit. The burgers are every bit as good as the legend leads us to believe, although I couldn’t muster up the courage to go for the Big “C”.

On our way over the Mackinaw Bridge we saw dozens of sail boats passing through the straights. They were part of the 106th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Island.

This post just goes to show how much fun you can have in a summer weekend in Michigan.

Mackinac Bridge

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Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

We are not on vacation any longer, but we also are also not at home. We have decided to stay at Outdoor Adventures in Standish for a couple of weeks. We will stay here until it is time to head up to the Mackinaw Bridge for an extended 3 day weekend.

While we are here, we will be travelling to work and back during the week. It is not quite as relaxing as being on vacation, but it sure beats going home to do chores.

One evening we arrived at the RV to find that we had no power. I asked our neighbor if he knew what happened. He said “the problem might have something to do with the backhoe parked next to the hole in the ground with the bare wires sticking out of it.” I think he was right!

That night we had to rough it…you know without TV, A/C or Microwave. Good thing it was a cool night. As for dinner we just ran into town (that’s pretty much what we had been doing every night anyway.)

The highlight of our dining experience was the Wednesday Night Pizza and Pasta Buffet at H&H Bakery in AuGres, MI. We really enjoy this place when we are in the area. And sometimes even when we aren’t that close…LOL


Check out the guy here coming into the park with all of his toys.


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Wilson State Park

We have gathered with friends and family again this year at Wilson State Park to celebrate the Fourth of July and share a marvelous feast.

Fourth of July Potluck Fourth of July Potluck Fourth of July Potluck

Fourth of July Potluck Fourth of July Potluck Fourth of July Potluck

This year we tried something new and fried up some wings. They turned out pretty good, although I did miss the age-old tradition of cooking over a campfire.

Fourth of July Potluck Fourth of July Potluck

Anyone know who invited these crazy women?

Crazy Women

Crazy Women

Crazy Women

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Algonac State Park

We have returned to Algonac State Park to watch the ships. The view of these mighty freighters as they pass along the St. Clair River is spectacular.

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

Algonac State Park

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Kids Playing Outside

It is really great to see kids outside playing in the parks once again. Maybe the trend to getting a little more physical activity in our lives is taking hold. So many years now we have been out camping only to see very few kids outside running, biking and playing ball. It has been a shame.

I will not argue that Kids love video games. I am sure that the games they are addicted to may even create some sort of skill-sets that we as a society didn’t use to even have. In fact, if you have a job that requires a very fast button pusher, I am sure that there are now several kids out there that will excel in that task. Let’s just hope he doesn’t grow up to be the President…LOL

Technology makes us fat and lazy. The more technically advanced we get, the less physical we are. This has been steadily increasing for hundreds of years now. We have gotten to the point now where I have even found myself texting my wife in the other room rather than getting up-off my fat ass and going to talk to her. What is next? Drones that will fetch my beer for me so I don’t even need to text my wife to do it for me?

Anyway, it is really nice to see kids playing outside and having fun.


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